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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by barre3 and were last updated on 3/24/23.

Vaccination policies

With greater access to new therapies, vaccinations for children under 5 and changes in dominant variants, barre3 Bethesda no longer requires proof of vaccination to attend studio classes.

Mask-wearing policies

Barre3 Bethesda follows Montgomery County’s guidelines on COVID and therefore adheres to the most recent mask mandate for indoor activities. If you have COVID related symptoms or test positive, we ask that you respectfully mask up with a K or N95 and stay home until you are healthy.

Ventilation system

Our HVAC system consistently pulls in outside air going through 3 filtration points. The studio space is also equipped with a state of the art air purifier constantly changing over the air in studio.

Extra sanitation

All equipment and high touch surfaces are deep cleaned after each class session.

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