Reformer All Levels (Amor Room) at Avea Pilates

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Avea Pilates and were last updated on 9/1/22.

Mask-wearing policies

We are pleased to reduce our requirements so that once again, masks are recommended, but not required, in our studios. We ask that you respect the privacy, and the decision of any clients who choose to wear, or not wear, a mask while in our studios.

Ventilation system

Our HVAC system is fitted with Merv-13 filters and is serviced regularly.

Extra sanitation

All equipment, props and touch surfaces are sanitized prior to and after each class. Studios receive a 2-3 hour deep cleaning daily. All cleaning products are on the CDC and DOH lists of approved sanitizers to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Tue, Nov 28
45 min

Angelina L
45 min

Angelina L
45 min

Angelina L

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