6 Tips to Help Your Skin Recover From Winter

It may not feel like winter is ever going to end, but spring is just around the corner. No matter how great your skin looks, you have to adapt to the changing seasons to keep it at its healthiest. The keys to keeping skin looking great post-winter are to moisturize, soothe and protect. The skin faces many challenges during the winter, from indoor heating to snow and sub-zero temperatures. Even those who live in warmer, drier climates must adapt their skincare routine or be faced with dry, flaky and irritated skin.

Has your skin been feeling a little lackluster the past few months? Fear not! We’ve got some easy tips to get you back on track, right in time for the spring season.     

1. The right type of moisture is everything

Face oils continue to grow in popularity because rather than sitting on top of the skin and leaving a film, they actually sink into the skin quickly (contrary to popular belief). Face oils give the skin instant moisture, which can come in handy during months when skin is dried out from cold, wind and artificial indoor heating. Try something like Herbivore Lapis Oil — this oil is lightweight yet nourishing, and contains blue tansy to calm and soothe irritated skin.

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2. Try a balm

Since winter is not quite over yet, consider slathering on some extra protection if you’re spending any amount of time outdoors. Try an ultra-rich moisturizer or an oil-based balm to add an extra layer of protection to the skin. This is a great addition on top of your current oil or moisturizer but underneath your sunscreen. This occlusive layer will act as a barrier against wind, cold or other elemental factors.

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3. Exfoliate, but gently

Coming out of winter, it’s going to be crucial to slough off dead skin cells, but do it in a way that won’t compromise the skin’s barrier. Peet Rivko’s Exfoliator is free of any fragrance or harsh ingredients that can exacerbate the skin’s sensitivities during winter months. It’s an exfoliant that relies on rice bran, oatmeal and jojoba beads to get the skin flake-free without feeling stripped.   

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4. Try CBD

Most of the time, skin that’s been exposed to extreme cold will be irritated or chapped. People with skin conditions (such as eczema) can really feel the effects that the colder months have on the skin. CBD may be a trendy ingredient in skincare these days, but Mother Nature’s super healing (and non-psychoactive) ingredient is nothing to fear. Lord Jones High CBD Body Oil is the perfect accompaniment to any winter skincare routine. The gentle, moisturizing formula comes in a convenient roll-on, so you can apply it all over the body or just on the irritated spots. This is a great formula for those who suffer from eczema, dry patches, bug bites, windburn or any other winter-related skin ailments.

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5. Make time to mask

If you find that you don’t usually have time, use the cold weather as an excuse to stay indoors and do a face mask. Try a version like the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask that you can leave on for 20-30 minutes and wipe off the excess. If your skin is really dehydrated, try leaving it on overnight for extra hydration, or wearing it on your long-haul flights. The mask is packed with hyaluronic acid to help skin stay plump and moisturized.  

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6. Don’t stop wearing sunscreen

Just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t still affecting the skin. If anything, the sun can be more damaging to the skin when combined with weather patterns like extreme wind or cold. Do yourself a favor and invest in a broad-spectrum SPF that you feel comfortable in all year round. The Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sun Cream has soothing aloe, making it great for summer or winter skin. It also contains super-hydrating ingredients like rosehip and shea butter to keep the skin feeling moisturized while it’s being protected from the sun’s rays.    

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Lisa Bensley is the founder of BeautyByBenz, a health and beauty blog that is really just an excuse to buy too much makeup. When she is not writing, she's probably boxing, obsessing over her Dachshund, Stanley, reading, or binge-watching Law & Order: SVU. Follow her (and Stanley's) antics on Instagram.