Are Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products the Wave of the Future?

With laws surrounding marijuana changing every day, and people constantly in search of the best natural ingredients to put in their beauty products, Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently received some positive press. Gone are the days when marijuana use was a taboo topic, particularly when it comes to using CBD, or Cannabidiol, that is derived from the Cannabis plant. Those in-the-know have long touted the medicinal benefits of CBD oil, both internally and externally, and the beauty industry has taken notice.    

Celebrity facialist Ildi Pekar is a believer of this magical oil, and helps dispel some of the myths surrounding CBD.

Why choose CBD?

During Pekar’s many interactions with her clients, she would see a lot of the same issues over and over again. The roots of most of their skin problems were inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and environmental stressors. In order to address these root causes, she turned to CBD oil.

“I started using CBD oil a few years ago,” Pekar says. “My first few applications were internal use only, but the more I researched, the more I discovered the benefits of using CBD oil topically and what it can do for skin health.” Pekar found that CBD oil provided antioxidant protection, omega fatty acids that the skin craves and anti-inflammatory benefits. “With strong antioxidant properties, CBD oil is an ideal way of reducing inflammation in the skin, and in the body, if taken orally,” Pekar explains. “Most people are unaware how inflammation can be a root cause for other major health concerns for the skin and for the body”.
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CBD won’t get you high

So why aren’t more people already using this ingredient? Confusion surrounds the use of CBD because people are afraid it will make them feel high.

“There is initial confusion, but after educating them on the plant itself and the benefits of the skin, they gain clarity,” Pekar says. “CBD has always been a success in my opinion, but there is a stigma about cannabis that stems from the THC component.” It’s all a part of the same versatile plant that can be used to make clothes, rope, paper and beauty products. Bottom line: CBD does not get you high, but THC can. There are no psychoactive effects to CBD, which is why you’ll likely see more and more companies embrace this ingredient.

To get any of the THC effects, you’d need to go with a line like Whoopi & Maya (available only in California and Colorado), which uses THC and CBD to promote relaxation as well as pamper your skin.

Hemp vs. CBD

Just because you see the word “hemp” on a label doesn’t mean it contains CBD, though some companies will certainly try to market it that way. Hemp seed oil is a great ingredient to have in your skincare products, but it’s usually for its omega fatty acid content. Nothing wrong with that. However, the CBD oil from the same plant is more of a medicinal ingredient. The big difference between the two ingredients is how they’re extracted: Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds, whereas CBD oil is extracted from the leaves or flowers of the same plant. Think of hemp seed oil more as a cooking oil versus CBD oil as an herbal tincture. Either way, you’re getting a beautiful plant-based product.  

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CBD oil is great for uses like chapped lips or skin inflammation. Vertly’s lip butter is super moisturizing, but also includes CBD oil for its healing and calming properties.  
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