Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the best cities to stay active, from the nearby mountains to the hundreds of fitness classes. And better yet, there’s some exceptional fitness instructors. We asked for the best, and you answered! 

Here are the top two instructors who inspired, encouraged and moved you in 2016. Sign up for a class with them pronto! (And psst: click here for a list of all of the instructors who made our list this year.)

Anthony Sneed 
Formerly an Instructor at CycleSouth


He lifts my spirits.
“Anthony is so motivating, regardless what kind of day it is.! He will lift your spirits and make you push yourself. I always look forward to his classes and truly appreciate instructors like him.” -Jamie 

He motivates me.
“Anthony is by far the most motivating group fitness/cycling instructor I’ve ever trained with. My favorite class is his Monday evening cycle class. I look forward to it all day and helps me get through the Monday blues. I’m pretty particular about my cycle instructors, as I used to teach myself, and no one gets me more motivated than Anthony. Anthony is encouraging, real and motivating in a way that makes the class fun and exciting. He dances around the class, remembers names and truly gets to know those taking his class.” -Lauren P.

He pays attention to me.
“Anthony is just flat out awesome. He comes to every class with an encouraging demeanor and a big smile. During his class, he makes it a point to come by your bike and encourage you personally. Anthony makes everyone feel included. I have heard people leaving his class say, “This is so much of a better class than xyz studio.” I have maxed out my ClassPasses at this studio numerous times and will buy extra classes at this studio just so I can take a class by Anthony. I try to book a cycling class with Anthony mid-week because it really motivates me to get through my week.” – Kathryn H. 

Bill Heatherly
Instructor at Carolina Sweat


He challenges me.
“Bill’s energy and willingness to find the perfect balance between pushing and encouraging gets me through every workout!” – Sarah P. 

He motivates me.
“He knows just when I need extra motivation and will stand right next to me telling me to push a little harder or a little longer. Bill stretches me mentally!” – Kelly

He helps me reach my goals.
“Bill is always motivating, a superstar of fitness, and he really pushes you to reach your goals!” – Kim

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