This New Sneaker Trend Is Perfect For Cycling Fanatics

Until now, attending an indoor cycling class could easily be compared to bowling – in the shoe department that is. No matter how much you love getting on that bike, there is pretty much nothing as gross as renting the shoes. But unless you are spinning enough to make it worth it, you probably don’t own your own pair.

Welp, this new brand just changed everything for you.

Newly launched, Tiem, is an innovative brand of fitness shoes that do so much more than get you through your class. Get excited because these beauties are fully compatible with every bike in every studio (for real!), but are designed like your classic running shoe and are not exclusive to spinning.

Mind blown.

They are pretty to look at, too and very sleek in their design. Meant to be your go-to-shoe for everything fitness, they are available for $125 a pair – so they pretty much pay for themselves if you have been renting shoes this whole time.

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