Happy Mother’s Day! Meet the Moms Behind Your Fave Studios

What you might not see when you’re checking into class are the families behind the business. In honor of Mother’s Day, ClassPass is excited to introduce you to some moms who have created amazing workouts and built communities, all while raising children:

Jill Lipset from The Power House at Highlight & Side Door CrossFit
St. Paul, Minn.
“Our 2-year-old daughter loves being at the Power House. She has her own barbell, kettle bell, box jumps and wall ball to do her toddler workouts. She regularly tells us to ‘give her burpees.'”

Esther Kurfrim from BARREtoned
“I love being able to bring our 2-year-old son to the studio without any ‘boss’ looking at me weirdly. Everybody loves him there, and he loves the attention he gets!”

Mindy Berla from Brooklyn Academy Roots
Oakland, Calif.
“On Sundays, our 3-year-old is with us while we are switching off teaching classes. One day, she stripped down to her underwear while I was in the bathroom and ran out to the class to do some yoga moves!”

Bea Pierson from Tranquil Heart Yoga
Houston, Texas
“On her son, Tom, who co-owns the studio: “We know each other so well, we can almost read each other’s mind. We are very flexible with each other and help each other. We work together like a well-oiled machine.” 

Sue Berger from Strala Yoga
Seattle, WA
My daughter and I opened Strala Seattle together because we both share a vision to bring light, love and happiness to our community. Strala Yoga’s positive, easeful approach to challenges is a method that has been life changing for both of us and it aligns with my mission and desire to inspire people to live their best life. We feel lucky everyday we walk into our beautiful studio and are grateful that we get to do what we love, together. “

St. Paul, Minn.
“When we started out in the basement of the house, I would run upstairs and feed or tend to the children with whatever their needs were in between classes!”

Tara Joiner from Pink Barre
Atlanta, Ga.
Showing our kids the value of setting big goals, overcoming setbacks and doing what you love is important to us. Our three kids have been a huge part of Pink Barre since we opened a year ago. The collaboration with my husband has been amazing. We have created a beautifully branded studio (his love) with a killer, safe workout delivered by the best instructors (my love)!”

Leticia Long from Wired Cycling 
Washington, D.C.
When I take my daughter’s class, she always begins with, ‘I know my mother won’t be able to not try to direct my class, but let’s give her a hand now for trying!’ I can’t resist saying things like, ‘I think they can push harder,’ or ‘That’s my favorite song!’ It’s all in good fun, because I’m so proud of the work that my family puts into the business to make it a success.”

Susan Cotter from STRENGTHstudio
Seattle, Wash.
I love that my three young girls get to see their single mom doing a job she loves so much. They are proud of what I have created at STRENGTHstudio, and I am proud to show them that a once stay-at-home mom can make a choice to create the life she wants for all of us. When they ask to go to the studio on the weekend or after school to just hang out, I know that I absolutely made the right decision for us.”

Sara Stimac from Firebrand Sports
Portland, OR
“The mother-daughter relationship is uniquely special.  Many times mothers and daughters become friends, even best friends.  But it’s a whole new level of trust and partnership when you and your mother going into business together, like my mother Linda and I did at Firebrand Sports in Portland. While we don’t always see eye to eye on every aspect of the business, there is a fundamental respect that we have for each other in business that you can’t always count on with just anyone. As a mother-daughter team, we really endeavor to fill our business with the love we have for each other.  We enjoy seeing other people – especially other mothers and daughters, which we have a lot of at Firebrand – fall in love with the workouts and community that led us to quit our corporate jobs and throw our lots together. There’s no one I’d rather have on my team than my mom Linda.” 

Brittany Schwartz from The Dailey Method Mission-Castro
San Francisco, Calif.
Our 2-year-old loves to run around the studio and hide in the lockers and play with the keys to the studio. One day we could not find her or the keys, and she had locked herself in the locker and threw the keys in the trash!

Julie Peters (daughter) and Jane Peters (mother) from Ocean and Crow Yoga
Vancouver, Canada 
My mom and I have amazingly complementary skills. We listen to each other, trust each other, and I think we are much more powerful together than we would be alone. My mom’s strategy for keeping our working relationship peaceful is that she lets me win every argument. It works great for me, actually.”

Ana Santos from Orinoco Fitness
Libertyville, Ill.
Our kids help whenever they can. They fold towels and yoga mats, sweep the floors, etc. We love having them learn about hard work, persistence, and the importance of fitness and exercise in their every day lives. The boys always want to do yoga poses and show us how strong they are (crow pose is a favorite). And they love driving their control remote-controlled cars at the studio when no one is around. Those large bamboo floors give them plenty of space to drive and move around!”

Carissa Kniss and Khristen Pahler (business partners and moms) from Twisted Bodies Pilates and Yoga
Denton, Texas
We get to spend time together and have fun. We get frustrated and exhausted but all in all we have fun! Caleb, 5, often provides entertainment value for everyone. Kids are kids, and that means even when they are working they get in trouble. One night all four were in trouble, standing in time out with noses to the ballet barre as we conducted classes. Caleb couldn’t reach the barre with his nose so he sat on the mat and pouted. Classic.”

Julie DiLeo from Women’s Fitness of Boston
Boston, Mass.
Our son, Steven, has grown up in a fitness environment and has always had sports as part of his life. We are blessed to have the opportunity to run a family business where we can all enjoy our passion of fitness together as a family. When he was little, he was helping me train a client. He took the timer right out of my hand and started telling my client to ‘breathe’ and he began counting down! It was so adorable that she paid him in cash personally for the session. He was so excited.”

Jessyca Brown from CardioBody Fitness
Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Working my husband is pretty awesome. Our schedules are so different, and we juggle our 2-year-old, so it’s great getting to know we can see each other at the gym (and take each other’s classes too!). My husband has kicked me out of his class before for being too chatty and critiquing him too much. Also, giving your husband his work review makes for some funny banter around the gym!”

Erin Pick (daughter) and Rhona Pick (mother) from Pick School of Ballroom Dancing
San Francisco, Calif.
The best part about working with my mom was that we could discuss dance classes and work on choreography together. My mom, who retired in 2008, was a champion dancer and learned from the best teachers in the world and was able to pass on her knowledge to me. Each and every day we would have our dinner together in between classes and talk and laugh about our various aching body parts. She also was very supportive through all my professional competitions, coaching me and keeping focused during the good and bad times.”

Jennifer Kasmer from Everlasting Changes Personal Training & Nutrition
Charlotte, N.C.
They hear and see for themselves situations with breastfeeding, pumping, potty training, etc. We’ve had our son run out of the office with the pump pieces held up to his chest screaming, ‘We will pump you up,’ which had everyone in hysterics! We’ve had potty training scares where Braxton, 3, screamed that he had to go right now and pulled down his pants in front of everyone training. It stresses me out in the moment and I feel somewhat humiliated due to a perceived lack of professionalism, but those are some favorite stories that clients share with newcomers. It shows the differences in perspectives and how much the clients love those moments and appreciate our family dynamics. Now our clients will stop by and take the kids home for a few hours to give us extra hands when they see it’s busy. It’s amazing how much our studio has also changed our life in a positive way by bringing others into it.”

Tessa Strader from Zenergy Pilates
Austin, Texas
Before my mom moved to Austin to help me at the studio, I was so overwhelmed by how fast the studio was growing. I called my mom in tears and said, ‘Please, can you come up and help me out for a few weeks?’ A few weeks turned into a few years and we are still going strong!”

Jennifer Pahl from Twist Yoga
Lake Oswego, Ore.
We have been able to dream of the business, plan and implement from the floor up—literally! Getting to practice yoga with three generations brings us even closer and bonds our family in a very special way.”

Peggy H. Moore from Eb & Flow Yoga Studio
Chicago, Ill.
While my daughter and I have our own independent opinions and perspectives on issues, I am amazed at how closely we align on business issues and matters of importance. We share the same basic values. The funniest thing is being asked a question by a student and we both provide the same answer at the same time in unison. We crack each other up! Eb always says to me, ‘Mom, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!'”