Get Inspired By Our New Ambassadors!

Back in September, we launched our ClassPass Ambassador program. These inspiring and dedicated women and men are passionate, happy go-getters, not only in class but beyond the studio, too. They’re the ones who motivate you to make it to class when you’re tired and know exactly where to go in the cities they call home. Our first group of ambassadors have already been hard at work sharing their active lifestyle with all ClassPassers, and now we’re excited to introduce even more to the ClassPass team. 

Find out more about our latest ambassadors below, and make sure to follow them on social media! They’ll be dishing out inspiration, class recommendations, energy and everything in between. (And psst: Think you’ve got what it takes to be a ClassPass ambassador? Fill out this form and tell us why!)


Los Angeles, Calif.
As an actress, McCall says finding motivation to fit in exercise between shooting and auditioning was a workout in itself. She became tired of being so tired, and discovered ClassPass. She hasn’t looked back since. Nowadays, she’s a full-time runner with Nike+ Run Club and uses ClassPass to recover and cross-train. She also give credit to ClassPass for giving her some of the best friends she’s ever had since moving to the City of Angels. She never needs a reason to work out now; it’s something she looks forward to! 
Favorite Studios: Aerial Warehouse, 34 Degrees North, LA Dancefit Studio
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San Francisco, Calif.
Stephanie’s life has always been centered around staying active, whether it is dance, running, hiking, strength training or yoga. ClassPass has allowed her to discover new ways of keeping fit while having fun at the same time. She loves a new challenge! It has given her the opportunity to reconnect with what matters most: her personal health and wellness.
Favorite Studios: Ritual Hot Yoga, Flagship Athletic Performance, Wheel House, RowClub
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London, UK
Amy started her health and fitness journey just over a year ago and fell in love with all the amazing classes and gyms London has to offer. With a short attention span, Amy says ClassPass has been her ticket to all things fitness in her city, and now she can’t wait to try a new class every chance she gets.
Favorite Studios: GymClass, Lomax, FORM
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Washington, D.C.
Beth is an attorney and concert pianist, so when she’s not sitting at her desk, she’s sitting at a piano keyboard. She also has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that requires a lot of exercise to keep it in balance. ClassPass has been a game-changer for Beth, allowing her to constantly vary her exercise regime while keeping her healthy and strong, and taking her to studios across the city and suburbs. Beth likes to smile and kick some tail in every class to show that a healthy body is never one size fits all.
Favorite Studios: District Pilates, Toolbox Pilates, Reformation Fitness
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Chicago, Ill.
Having never considered herself an active or athletic person, Whitney sought to find an active solution for her life that was interesting and would keep her coming back for more. Enter ClassPass. Whitney says ClassPass speaks to her type-A personality and allows her to move beyond her comfort zone and challenge her mind and body to reach new levels. Seven months in and almost 100 classes under her belt, Whitney is only getting started.
Favorite Studios: On Your Mark, Zen Yoga Garage, Go Cycle
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Vancouver, B.C.
With her busy schedule as a TV host and reporter, Natalie needed an outlet to reduce stress and stay fit. What she loves the most about ClassPass is that it gives her access to whatever exercise she need, from meditation and yoga to boxing and more. Natalie says ClassPass keeps her sane and ready to hit the ground running wherever her job takes her.
Favorite Studios: Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, Float Yaletown
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Kansas City, Mo.
Kirsten grew up as a competitive gymnast and soccer player. After missing the rush of training and performing, she turned to running two years ago to rediscover her competitive edge. Now she’s completed 11 half-marathons with the determination to some day complete a full. For her, working out improves her mental strength, helps her become a stronger athlete and gives her much needed “me” time during her busy schedule. She’s a huge fan of ClassPass because it allows her to mix up her cross training and try new workouts. This newfound love for fitness lead to the creation of her blog that gives readers the inside scoop to studios around town and during her travels.
Favorite Studios: Health House, Fit Formula, Mojo Cycling Studio
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Vancouver, B.C.
Catherine is a Vancouver-based wellness coach, speaker, lifestyle journalist and founder of The Life Delicious, a wellness education group that connects entrepreneurs with the science of health, happiness and productivity through private coaching, wellness retreats and corporate workshops. Before settling on the West Coast, she lived in Sydney, Toronto, Oregon, Montana and Alberta. She can be found jogging with her adorable dog, dining with her fabulous husband or voraciously reading anywhere comfy.
Favorite Studios: Stretch Studio, Kalev Fitness Solution, Tight Club Athletics
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Chicago, Ill.
Anna’s day doesn’t start until she breaks a sweat. Motivated to push herself, she is an inspiration to get your butt out of bed at 4:30 a.m. (without the help of coffee!) to get in a workout. She believes fitness shouldn’t be a chore but full of fun moments, laughter, friendships, and selfies— lot of selfies. ClassPass allows her mind and body to stay focused, and not get bored of the same old routine. Variety being the spice of life, Anna says ClassPass makes her fitness journey less “bland” and 100 times spicier.
Favorite Studios: Core Chicago Pilates, AIR Aerial Fitness
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Washington, D.C.
After a friend sadly passed away in 2010, Sammie became a runner to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in 2011. Four years later, she has completed five marathons, 50 half-marathons, coached the charity organization Girls on the Run, and mentored numerous athletes with another charity, Team in Training. Her proudest fitness accomplishment was running with her friend Sarah as her blind-guide in the 2015 Boston Marathon. When she agreed to go to Boston with Sarah, she knew she needed to be stronger and found ClassPass to take her cross-training to another level. She is forever grateful to ClassPass, because not only has it made her fitness goals fit in with her incurable wanderlust, but she has made many new friends.
Favorite Studios:  CorePower Yoga, Zengo Cycle, Barre3
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London, UK
May is an avid food, travel and lifestyle blogger, and thanks to ClassPass, she can stay fit and healthy while eating her way round London. Living an active life has become such a part of her routine that when her friends asks her what she’s up to, her answer is usually “I’m ClassPassing.”
Favorite Studios: Epoch, Yogasphere, Frame
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Sacramento, Calif.
In 2015, Anna’s New Year’s resolution was to compete in one race every month. A few trail runs, a few triathlons, a few obstacle races, and even a 1.2-mile swim in Lake Tahoe later, she met her goal. Along the way, she used ClassPass to keep her training varied and fun. This year, she’ll run her first full marathon in Big Sur to help raise money for the charity Every Mother Counts, relying on strength training and yoga at all of her favorite ClassPass studios to stay strong and healthy. With 3- and 5-year-old sons at home and a career as a freelance writer, working up a good sweat is as much about staying connected to herself as it is about staying fit.
Favorite Studios: Fitness Rangers, Fitsom Studios, P20 Hot Pilates & Fitness
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Miami, Fla.
As as a social media coordinator obsessed with spinning, Emilie uses ClassPass to discover new cycling studios in Miami and help her find a balance between cardio workouts and strength training. Thanks to ClassPass, Emilie has been able to fall in love with Pilates and barre classes while continuing her spinning regime.
Favorite Studios: FlyBarre, Inner Balance, Nomi Pilates
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Toronto, Ontario
ClassPass helps Marlie make fitness a priority between her full-time job and passion for travel. Whether it’s taking a 6 a.m. class or trying a different studio in a new city, ClassPass makes it easy for Marlie to stay on track with her health and fitness at the busiest of times.
Favorite Studios: Track Fitness and Studio Lagree
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Vancouver, B.C.
Nancy is a finance professional with an eye for passion. She’s also a writer, stylist, photographer and creative director based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. ClassPass has help her stay healthy and focused. The variety of classes keeps her motivated and excited for the next sweat sesh!
Favorite Studios:  Spin Society, Kondi Fitness, Yoga Generation
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Austin, Texas
Brooke was stuck in a rut with her everyday workouts and lacking some serious motivation. That all changed when she found ClassPass. She is now eager to explore new classes around Austin, meet up with other ClassPassers, and step out of her comfort zone. All credit due to ClassPass for this newfound passion for fitness.
Favorite StudiosDancers Shape, Define Body & Mind, Fit Austin
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New York, N.Y.
As a 26-year-old native New Yorker, Alan has yet to grow tired of the Big Apple. In the 125 days he’s been a ClassPass member, he’s tried 106 classes. Always called a “skinny” guy, he thanks ClassPass for all the different workouts that have given him tone and definition.
Favorite Studios: Tonehouse, ConBody, Evolve Fitness
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Los Angeles, Calif.
Teddi began her career as a nationally renowned equestrian. Her passion, perseverance and dedication to excellence led her to achieve top awards in AA-rated competitions from coast to coast. Today, she focuses her time and energy on motherhood, family and fitness. After struggling to lose 60+ pounds of baby weight, Teddi credits ClassPass for allowing her the flexibility to pursue challenging and diverse workouts she loves while motivating her friends and fellow moms to join in her in a quest to feel their physical best.
Favorite Studios:  Cyclehouse, Carrie’s Pilates Plus, Earth’s Power Yoga
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Austin, Texas
Jane is a food and travel blogger who loves discovering the hottest new restaurants and weekend getaways. Thanks to ClassPass, Jane ran her first half-marathon with ClassPass and Nike in San Francisco!
Favorite Studios:  Sukha Yoga, Wanderlust YOGA, Black Lagoon: Art + Yoga
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Philadelphia, Pa.
Being a full-time lawyer and single mom to an active 9-year old didn’t leave Jess much time (or motivation) to go to the gym. Enter ClassPass and the flexibility, freedom and variety it offers. Now Jess works out daily and calls her ClassPass experiences her “sweatscapades.”
Favorite Studios:  Rowzone, Fuel Cycle Fitness, Dana Hot Yoga
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Los Angeles, Calif.
ClassPass has turned actress Mo into the fitness junkie she’s always aspired to be. She even was able to do her own stunts in a recent project and attributes that largely to the diverse training styles she gets to master on ClassPass.
Favorite Studios:  Burn 60, Sweat Garage, Speedplay, Sandbox Fitness, GST Body
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New York, N.Y.
After months of friends telling him he needed ClassPass, Sammy finally listened and discovered his one true love: many, many fitness classes. Since joining, not only has he expanded his training as a professional dancer, but he now knows to always listen to his friends.
Favorite Studios:  Title Boxing Club, Peridance Capezio Center, Crossfit Concrete Jungle
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Austin, Texas
Sydney is a senior at The University of Texas in Austin studying nutrition. If she’s not hitting the books or exploring the Austin food market, she’s exploring the workout scene. Sydney was a competitive swimmer all her life and had the opportunity to swim for the UT women’s swim team her freshman year. After that chapter came to a close, she continued to stay active but never found her niche. Then, a few years later, ClassPass came along and she hasn’t looked back since.
Favorite Studios:  Cyc Fitness, MOD Fitness, RIDE Indoor Cycling
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New York, N.Y.
Kristen’s got a lot going on. She has a regular 9-to-6, a social presence to maintain and a life she’s determined to enjoy to the fullest. Keeping up with her health and wellness was always pretty low on her list of priorities. After joining ClassPass more than a year ago, Kristen realized that a serious lifestyle change was what she needed all along. ClassPass not only established routine in her life, it improved the way she carried herself. Most importantly, ClassPass helped her realize that by staying active, anything and everything can be done right.
Favorite Studios:  Mile High Run Club, Y7 Studio, SKY TING YOGA
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New York, N.Y.
Since joining ClassPass years ago, Berry has used it as a way to hang out with her friends. Working out doesn’t need to be some dreadful solo activity, it can be a fun social event. That’s why she and her childhood best friend want to give others a platform to help them find the best and most fun studios around.
Favorite Studios:  SWERVE Fitness, Flex NoHo, Mile High Run Club
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New York, N.Y.
Sarah discovered she had a ClassPass obsession when she realized she couldn’t stop talking about her favorite classes and instructors to (literally) anyone who would listen. She and her lifelong best friend decided to start an adventure, trying tons of studios around the city and meeting lots of great people in the process. NYC is a hectic and tough place to live, and workout classes and running are Sarah’s way of finding balance in the city that never sleeps.
Favorite Studios:  The Fhitting Room, KORE, Brooklyn Body Burn
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New York, N.Y.
Ashley was always a runner but rarely someone who valued the importance of cross training. Living abroad in Geneva, Switzerland made her realize just how much she loved New York City’s boutique fitness studios. Since moving back in July, she has used ClassPass to supplement her half marathon training, taking more than 50 different classes ranging from yoga to boxing. When she’s not sweating, you can find her blogging, reading, traveling, laughing or exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Favorite Studios:  Tangerine Hot Power Yoga, HIITBK, BRICK
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San Francisco, Calif.
Before trying ClassPass, Katherine was in an exercise rut. Through ClassPass, she discovered the beauty of the yoga studio community. Her workout routine has expanded beyond cardio class, the elliptical and free weights with Megaformer, barre and indoor cycling classes (that she used to dread!). Plus, the ClassPass community has been inspiring, motivating and keeps pushing her on her mommy fitness journey.
Favorite Studios:  Transform Fitness Studio, Flywheel, Core Power Yoga
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Toronto, Ontario
Moe is a 20-something Torontonian who had tried just about everything in terms of workouts, but it wasn’t until ClassPass came to Toronto that she finally found something that changed her fitness game. Not only does she love the workout options of ClassPass, but she also loves meeting new people, exploring her city and discovering hidden gems that she never knew existed. Not long after joining ClassPass, she felt confident enough to start learning to run. In less than a year, she has completed more than 100 classes through ClassPass, ran a 15KM race as well as the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. She has a few more races on the horizon this year as well!
Favorite Studios:  Ferris 360, The Chi Junky Studio, Energia Athletics
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London, UK
Persephone was a ClassPass addict since its early London days. After a nasty skiing accident left her unable to play lacrosse or run, she turned to reformer Pilates, hot yoga and spinning to stay sane.  Follow her Instablog @classass101 reviews London’s studios and tells you who has the best showers, free towels, and most smiley trainers. Smile. Fit is meant to be fun!
Favorite Studios:  1Rebel, Ten Health & Fitness, F45 Training
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Atlanta, Ga.
Shaina works in the mental health field, loves playing tennis and ClassPass-ing outside of work. ClassPass brought her back to life. She feels better mentally and physically about herself. Because of ClassPass, she feels like she is a yogi, which is something she never thought she would say! Yoga helps her feel flexible and relaxed after a stressful day at work.
Favorite Studios:  Exhale, Stellar Bodies, Flywheel
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London, UK
Being a bit of a thrill seeker, Emily loves the variety that ClassPass brings. It allows her to constantly try new things. Being a nurse, she used to find it difficult to find classes that fit around her crazy schedule. ClassPass was the solution; it allows her to work out with friends and make new ones. After losing 50 pounds, Emily is on a mission to inspire others to fall in love with exercise. When not exercising she loves blogging, cooking, traveling and seeking out an adventure.
Favorite Studios:  GymClass, Fierce Grace, Project Fit
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Atlanta, Ga.
Rachel found a love for fitness after discovering ClassPass in Atlanta. She played sports as a child, but was more into clothes than the gym—until she discovered the variety of classes in her hometown. Her weekends are saved for cardio classes, yoga, and blogging about fashion and lifestyle.
Favorite Studios:  Flywheel, BLAST, Infinity Yoga
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Melbourne, Australia 
Sarah has always had a love-hate relationship with the gym. She would join a gym, be enthusiastic about it and within a couple of months, get bored with doing the same mundane workouts all the time. Now with ClassPass, she is able to work out consistently, and best of all, try different classes according to her fitness flavor of the day.
Favorite Studios:  Core Candy, Studio PP, Humming Puppy
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