Most Moving Instructors of 2015: West Coast

Congratulations to our Most Moving Instructors on the West Coast. From Seattle to Los Angeles, here are the instructors who really make you give your all during and after class:

Las Vegas

Sammie Mack
Instructor at Core Studios, Sweat Squared and TruFusion
“Sammie is concerned about form but also really likes to push her students and have fun. Once she gets to know you, she makes sure you aren’t slacking. I’ve taken different classes of hers, and she always adapts the workout perfectly to the specific studio’s machine and class type. Sammie’s one of those instructors who was born to do what she does. She’s a natural.” -Sara C.

Lauren O’Nan
Instructor at Pure Barre Las Vegas
“Lauren is so welcoming that you feel like part of the Pure Barre family the second you walk through the door. Her class also rocks—your muscles will be shaking in seconds!” -Claire G.

Los Angeles/Orange County

Colin Kim
Instructor at Dragonfly Cycling and Crunch Sunset
“I’ve been attending Colin’s classes for more than 13 years, and they’re a highlight after a hard day at the office. Colin is a special instructor who pushes you using the most positive techniques and lots of enthusiasm during his classes. In his yoga classes, Colin shares his presence and encourages us to cherish the truth in our bodies.” -Aram

“Colin is an absolute ray of sunshine with his positive attitude and thousand-watt smile. His classes are very challenging, and he pushes students to their limit by encouraging healthy risk taking, complimenting them on persistence and taking the time to get to know each student. With his yoga background, he brings a holistic approach to fitness and finishes every class with a few kundalini breathing exercises and a 10-second meditation. Students leave class with a feeling of purpose, pride and namaste.” -Laura C.

Arielle McFadden
Instructor at Hot Pilates and Rise Movement
“Arielle is the most amazing and inspiring teacher I’ve ever met. I have been a member of ClassPass since October 2014, and before that attended a Pilates studio regularly for four years. Out of hundreds of instructors I’ve encountered, Arielle has made the most impact on me. She is so positive. She reminds her students that life and happiness are about feeling good about ourselves on the outside, but more importantly loving who we are on the inside. She pushes me physically and mentally, and after taking her class, I always feel amazing—no matter what kind of day I’m having.” -Carly G.


Nikki Metzger
Instructor at Bodi
“Nikki is full of energy and always inspires me to push through just a few more reps. She takes the time to encourage us and somehow remembers everyone’s name. I always look forward to her classes!” -Nikki P.


Whitney Hull-Benson
Instructor at Firebrand Sports
Whitney gives you that extra nudge of energy you need to get through class. Her adjustments and cues are spot-on and make a huge difference in my form.” –Julia A.


Adam Attia
Instructor at Fitness Rangers
“Adam has such high energy and is super motivating throughout class. Not only does he make an effort to learns our names and call us out during workouts, but he is also a genuine person and very thorough as an instructor.” -Dana F.

Cori Martinez
Instructor at Asha Yoga
Cori has a warm and inviting presence. She makes you feel like wherever you are in your practice is exactly where you’re supposed to be. It’s amazing.” –Julie F.

San Diego

Brittanee Greenhaw
Instructor at Yoga Tropics
“Brittanee always has a smile on her face, and her classes are energetic and challenging. There’s no doubt she helps you go beyond your limits. She is also encouraging, with a special aura around her. She’s one of those instructors who people can’t help but talk about after they finish the class.” -Lauren F.

Paul Fishman
Instructor at SparkCycle
“I attend his 6 a.m. spin classes, which I usually save for Fridays as an end-of-the-week treat for myself. His energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor are always 100 percent, even that early in the morning. I can tell he works hard to prepare for every class because they’re always fun and challenging.” -Tierney H.

San Francisco

Gabby Grady
Instructor at Mint Studios
“I’ve been to her class lots of times, and every time she does something a little different. It’s always challenging, and I often find my muscles shaking, but that’s what’s so great about her class. I feel like I’m really working and expanding my muscles. Of all the classes I’ve been to, hers work my entire body the most. I feel so accomplished at the end of the hour. She also makes sure each student is doing the best they can with proper body alignment that really forces the muscles to work, rather than just going through the motions. I’ve never sweat so much before.” –Mindy P.


SarahRose Bernhardt
Instructor at Barre3 – Capitol Hill
“I love SarahRose’s class! She puts together a loud, motivating playlist and pushes us to the limit in every class. I also love her humor and smile. Even though her classes are exhausting and challenging, she is supportive and encouraging. I leave her class feeling amazing!” -Kayla K.

Susan Slater-Cotter
Owner and Instructor at The Strength Studio and Community Fitness
“Susan is a badass. She owns her own studio and is practically a star at Community Fitness. She has taught me the benefits of lifting for women and why it’s important for your mind and body. She uses music, dancing and constant switch-ups to makes working out fun. I am never bored. I have seen a significant change in my strength and my body since starting to work out with her.” -Arianna A.

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