Work Out Anywhere! ClassPass Introduces International Flex

Want to check ‘taking yoga’ abroad off your bucket list? With ClassPass, your access to great fitness experiences just spread a little wider. Like, across the Atlantic.  

If you’re traveling to London, Vancouver or Toronto this summer, use your ClassPass Flex (included in every membership) to work out internationally. (Of course, your account still works in any of our 31 U.S. cities, too.) 

Whether you’re traveling on business or on vacation, choose from thousands of studios globally to match your goals, routine and schedule. Skip that hotel gym and power up your Flex account instead! 

Here’s how:

-Log in to your ClassPass account. (Not a member? Join now!)

-Click on your ‘Classes’ or ‘Studios’ tab – however you like to search for classes. 

-On the right-hand side, you’ll see a drop-down menu with our cities listed. Select the city you’re visiting. (Psst: If you’re having trouble, try logging in and logging back in.)

-Start searching and then book a class! 

-When you return back home, switch your account back to your home city. 

Make sure to tag ClassPass on Instagram or Twitter when you share photos of working out abroad!


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