Hey SF! Want to Sweat Like Crazy? Get Totally Zen? Enter Studiomix

If you thrive on variety and want to try everything from high-intensity cycling to totally relaxing yoga, Studiomix might be your new fave studio. The studio is centrally located on Van Ness, and houses the ultimate mash-up of workouts – hence it’s name. 

When you walk into their massive facility, you’ll see a sea of studios tailored to specific methods including the Power Studio (for TRX and boxing), the Core Studio (for yoga, Pilates and barre), the Cycle Studio (for spin), the Strength Studio (for kettlebell, strength, and athletic conditioning), the Performance Studio (for dance, kickboxing, and total-body conditioning) and the Climb Studio (for rock climb, pole, and aerial silks).

But Studiomix doesn’t just have classes, their fitness utopia has several other awesome features- all available to you, just by signing up for a class. From their library and sauna to their delicious smoothie menu, it’s easy to waste an entire day!

In terms of classes though, we’ve got the low-down on our favorites (We’re sure you can navigate their kale filled menu without our guidance):

Studiomix Cycle with Emilie
Emilie’s Spin class at Studiomix is a sweaty one, and we mean that in the very best way. If you’ve only got an hour, and you’re looking to boost those endorphins, improve your endurance and strengthen your thighs, then sign up now. Her energy is contagious and the killer playlist doesn’t hurt either. Try it before work to start your day off strong or take an evening class to make up for a day at the desk!


Total Body Conditioning with Francisco
They aren’t joking when they say “total.” After a non-stop hour of of push-ups, step-ups, lunges, sprints, crunches, bicep curls and planks, we guarantee every single muscle in your body will be screaming. And the best part? Your body will keep burning calories for hours after an intense muscle-scorching workout like this. Try Francisco’s 11 a.m. Sunday class – and you’ll certainly have earned your weekend brunch.


Honey Flow with Ronn
Don’t be fooled by the first two classes, this isn’t just a high intensity, strength and endurance training center. Studiomix also offers a variety of options for the yogi in us all. If you aren’t experienced though, don’t sweat it. Ronn is attentive to all levels and will make sure you are getting the most out of each and every Ashtanga. His 75-minute class has a strong focus on breath, balancing exercises and muscle-lengthening poses that we all could use in our fitness routine. They say this class has a “yin/yang” combo…get your flow on and then melt into a restorative practice.

Want to experience everything Studiomix has to offer? Sign up for a class here. Not yet a ClassPass member? Request an invite today!

Claire Goodill is on the San Francisco Studio Happiness and Studio Partnerships team for ClassPass.com. Find her at a barre studio, bootcamp or on Instagram!

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