Community guidelines

ClassPass’s mission is to introduce and connect people to experiences, easily and seamlessly. And what’s helped so many of you find the right experiences? The ClassPass community. Whether asking questions of one another, leaving reviews, expressing opinions or simply interacting with one another on our social channels, we encourage our community to be open, honest and authentic. To foster a positive, fun and inspiring community, we do reserve the right to remove postings or ban users who violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. What are those guidelines you ask?

Our community guidelines


Tell your own story. Don’t mislead, and if you’re leaving feedback, remember that what’s most helpful is what’s factual, not fabricated or exaggerated.

Respect and empathy for others

Let’s foster a positive community. Avoid personal insults and attacks, bullying, opinions that are not constructive or are without supporting examples.

Appropriate content

Content and reviews that are offensive, contain profanity, are inappropriate or harmful may be removed. Threats, lewdness, harassment, hate speech, content targeting class members, instructors or staff to degrade, shame or insult them, and any personally identifiable information have no place in our community.

Promotional content and conflicts of interest

Keep things unbiased. Any promotional content will be removed, including external links and offers for other goods and other services. You shouldn’t promote your own site or your own business, and when reviewing class, avoid your own business or employee, your friends’ or relatives’ business, your peers or competitors or incentivizing customers to write reviews.

Original content

Post what’s original to you. If you don’t have permission to post it, don’t. That simple. Avoid content taken from somewhere else, including anything that violates intellectual property rights.


What you post should be relevant to our audience and channel. Avoid spamming, including deceptive and misleading content. When writing reviews, focus your contributions on your actual experience rather than comparisons with other classes or studios.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change, but the most current version will always be available here.