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    The Fhitting Room - Flatiron

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    **Please be aware that new clients coming in for their 1st class via ClassPass will not be eligible to purchase the Feeling FHIT Intro Offer.**

    **Please show up to class on time. If you are running late, please call the studio or your spot will be given to a waitlisted client that is physically present at the start of class. If you show up more than 5 mins after class has started, we will not be able to accommodate you.**
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The Fhitting Room is a High Intensity Training (HIT) boutique fitness studio delivering a comprehensive, body-changing workout in a small class environment.

The Fhitting Room will not house treadmills, ellipticals or universal weight machines; many of their exercises utilize nothing more than bodyweight for resistance. Their workouts will utilize rowers, free weights, kettlebells, suspension trainers, plyo boxes, medicine balls, pull up bars and more. A unique FHIX -- Functional High Intensity Mix -- of exercise moves will be featured each class, integrating five essential building blocks to deliver optimal results: (1) functional movements (2) strength training (3) high intensity intervals (4) total body focus and (5) highly varied exercises.

Their clients will burn more calories, experience lean muscle growth, break through fitness plateaus, achieve personal bests and more easily perform activities of daily life. Their team is highly talented, credentialed, experienced and passionate.

Their program is inclusive and adaptive. Each workout is designed to be universal and equally effective regardless of gender, fitness level or experience. Their instructors expertly modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternative moves that vary in intensity, providing everyone a challenging yet attainable FHIX. These workouts are not magic; they are well informed and deliberately crafted sequences of highly effective exercises that require maximum effort in exchange for noticeable results. So, while their doors are open to everyone, we invite only those willing to leave it all on the mat!

Every aspect of The Fhitting Room has been thoughtfully crafted to provide clients’ the ideal environment to attain their goals. Their studio is intimate, not intimidating, their music is motivating, their instructors are expert and encouraging and classes are spirited, challenging and fun.

Additional Information & Useful Tips


  • Showers,
  • Lockers

How early should you arrive before class?

  • 15 minutes before

Anything specific you should bring?

  • Sneakers / athletic footwear is required for this class. This location has sweat towels and shower towels available.