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    641 S St NW, Washington, DC 20001 Get directions

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    Use a mix of core training, strength training, high intensity cardio training and yoga to get an amazing workout!
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They believe exercise should be fun. SWEAT strengthens your mind while transforming your body. You get better together.

In just 50 minutes, they combine HIIT cardio conditioning, resistance training and yoga elements to the sounds of the best beats to help you build a better you.

They build better bodies from the inside out. Everyone is welcomed. No one is judged. They define sexy on their own terms.

Additional Information & Useful Tips


  • Showers

How early should you arrive before class?

  • 15 minutes before

Anything specific you should bring?

  • Wear comfortable fitness clothing, tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle. We provide a towel for you.