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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Face Haus and were last updated on 7/14/23.

Mask-wearing policies

Guests are required to wear a face mask before and after their service. The mask can only be removed during the actual service and we will provide one if our guest does not have one. Estheticians wear an apron, mask, nitrile gloves (new), and face shield, which will be sanitized after every service.

Social distancing measures

Haus operates at a limited capacity and required social distancing is practiced.

Extra sanitation

Sanitization & disinfection of high-touch areas (door handles, iPads, etc) Daily deep cleaning of restrooms & disinfection after use. After every guest, treatment chairs, service and sanitization stations, & all operating supplies/equipment are sanitized & disinfected w an EPA approved disinfectant

Limited capacity

Only 1 guest is allowed in the reception area at a time of check-in/check-out - unless arrived as a joint appointment. Additionally, appointment times are limited to a maximum of 2 guests.


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