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    Barry's Bootcamp - Noho


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    While you're on the treadmill, the instructor will have you jog, run, and sprint, with short recoveries in between. You may also be doing side steps, running backwards and moving up a steep incline. You'll also be mixing it up on the floor to target the specific muscle groups in that day's workout!
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Barry’s is an hour-long cardio and strength-building workout designed to help your body burn up to 1,000 calories thanks to their carefully crafted program that is as effective as it is fun. Their clients spend 25-30 minutes running on the treadmill and 25-30 minutes doing strength training, broken into rounds.

Who is Barry’s for? that’s easy: everyone. Some of their favorite success stories are from folks who had never even stepped on a treadmill before coming to the studio. In fact, “I’m not a runner” is something they hear from almost every first timer. Their workout is carefully crafted to make bodies of all shapes and fitness levels go further than you ever thought possible. With classes focusing on a different body part, it’s easy to build a schedule that helps you meet your goals and work the areas that need a little extra love. Thanks to their superstar trainers, you’ll never get bored.

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  • 15 minutes before

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  • Please note that Barry's sometimes has to change their instructors. In order to remain updated, please make sure you subscribe to the Barry's newsletter in your Barry's Bootcamp account. If this is your first time taking a class at Barry's Bootcamp, you now have an account with their website! If you want access your account, go to www.barrysbootcamp.com, click on "Sign In" then "Forgot your password?" A password reset email will be sent to the email address you used to reserve!