• Unwind, Down Under Wellness & Massage
    Massage, Pilates

    Unwind, Down Under Wellness & Massage

    306 Walnut Street, Newton
    Safety guidelines
    Unwind with your new relaxation routine. Enjoy a One-Time Massage or commit to Recurring…
  • Synergy PFT
    Strength Training

    Synergy PFT

    130 High St, Waltham

    IN STUDIO Small Group Training

    This studio was awesome. The intimate setting allowed the instructor to motivate and inspire each member of the class separately. The class was energetic and the music was pumping! Highly recommend
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    Synergy is a personal training studio right on the Waltham Newton line that is dedicated…
  • Cardio High
    Strength Training, Outdoors

    Cardio High

    271 Auburn St, Newton

    Studio Cardio High

    Loved this workout. It was just me on Summer Friday morning. Tracy was great, very friendly and motivating. I'm used to going to advanced, high end studios and this gym did not disappoint. Loved that they used equipment for almost every exercise and there was a solid stretch time before and after the workout. The workout was very challenging but doable and the low impact was also awesome. If you want extra intensity choose the bike instead of the tread. Like others said, the studio is very clean and the equipment is very nice and set up well. I'll be back!
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    Cardio High is a fitness program that combines high intensity interval training with…
  • CorePower Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training

    CorePower Yoga

    305 Centre St, Newton

    HPF - Hot Power Fusion: 75 Minutes

    Jeanne was awesome!! So encouraging and inspiring. I did this class after doing 3 CP1s and I felt fine, in terms of the heat/humidity. There were some additional poses that I hadn’t done before but it wasn’t too overwhelming as a first timer.
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    This studio offers Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Strength Training classes. It’s more than…
  • TITLE Boxing Club

    TITLE Boxing Club

    150 Arsenal Street, Watertown

    Boxing 45

    I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun. it got my heart pumping and me sweating. the whole team was welcoming and made me feel relaxed.
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    We’re a full-body, authentic heavy bag workout designed to build your fitness, control…
  • Boston Body Pilates
    Pilates, Barre

    Boston Body Pilates

    1387 Washington St, Newton
    Safety guidelines

    Boston Body Barre

    WHAT a WORKOUT! This was my first official "Barre" class and it was a fabulous, body burnin' experience. Michelle has a phenomenal energy, playlist and ability to conquer the full body in 45 minutes. Can't wait to sign up for another round!
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    Transforming bodies since 1989, Boston Body Pilates is a favorite among its students…
    Yoga, Strength Training, …


    87 Beaver Street Waltham, Waltham
    Safety guidelines


    Really relaxing class. Perfect balance of strengthening and stretching in my opinion. A welcoming group of people, not super fancy or intimidating. Similar teaching style to Adriene on YouTube. Definitely recommend!
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    Blue Fusion Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in Waltham, MA that offers group…
  • CrossFit Newton
    Strength Training

    CrossFit Newton

    166 B Riverview Ave, Waltham

    Daily CrossFit WOD

    I am very new to CrossFit and I have tried other CrossFit locations around Newton/Needham area and this place absolutely stands above all of them especially for a new student. the owner is amazing, as an instructor and as a human being. Professional, knowledgeable, extremely careful and attentive with any potential limitations his clients may have. Other members of this gym are also super friendly and welcoming. One other location I went to, introduced me to a class on my first day as a classpass member, I didn't understand why would that be important to share, only later to hear from the owner himself that people from classpass destrupt their classes, as he was pushing me to buy a package with them and pay more for an into class. if you are like me and was curious about Gil's (the owner) CrossFit in Newton is the place to go!
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    CrossFit Newton is a 5300 square foot strength and conditioning facility with two…
  • Jazzercise Newton Fitness Studio
    Dance, Strength Training

    Jazzercise Newton Fitness Studio

    392 Watertown St, Newton
    Safety guidelines

    Lo Dance Mixx - Online

    Excellent class. After many online classes where I couldn’t totally see or hear the instructor this one rises to the top. Camera was placed so I could see all of the instructor at all times, and she was wearing a mic so I could hear her AND the music. YAY! Verbal cuing was super strong and members of the group used the chat to create a warm and welcoming vibe since it was a live stream and not a Zoom style everyone’s cameras are on class. Heads up, you’ll need to download an app called Band to be able to stream the class, so be sure to sign up in advance so you have time to receive directions from the studio. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you!
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    Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…
  • Grit Per4mance
    Strength Training, Personal Training

    Grit Per4mance

    580 Moody Street, Unit 5, Waltham
    Safety guidelines

    Booty Building

    If you’re looking for a great workout this is the place! It is a military style workout so be prepared for some yelling and to succeed (or do more reps) as a team.
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    They are not a gym. At Grit Per4mance They are a training facility of community members…
  • Shiva Shakti Yoga Center
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Shiva Shakti Yoga Center

    8 Common Street, Waltham

    Gentle, Unwind, Soft-Tissue Release Work & Restorative Yoga

    This class was mostly done on the mat and focused on strengthening and conditioning rather than cardio. The instructor was upbeat, kind and welcoming! Definitely worth checking out!
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    At Shiva Shakti, the motto is "aim high, enjoy the ride." The studio has earned great…
  • Nova fitness Poli
    Strength Training, Pilates

    Nova fitness Poli

    222 Arsenal Street, Watertown
    Safety guidelines

    Functional Circuit

    Wonderful new addition to ClassPass! Energetic strength training and cardio workout that worked all major muscles. Poli kept a close eye on my form and corrected me when needed so I felt like I was working with a personal trainer. Thank you!
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    Nova Fitness is a gym founded and directed by the personal Poli Moroni. They believe…
  • United Shaolin Kempo Karate
    Martial Arts, Boxing

    United Shaolin Kempo Karate

    422 Moody St, Waltham

    Kempo Karate -Self Defense

    Great class! I felt like I had a good amount of individual attention. I learned a variety of kicks, punches, and strikes. I practiced in front of the mirror, but I also had the chance to practice moves on more advanced students. Looking forward to my next visit and learning more.
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    United Shaolin Kempo Karate has been serving their community instilling "Life Skills…
  • Fit4 Newton
    Strength Training

    Fit4 Newton

    105 Elm Street, Newton
    There is a reason they were voted one of the Best in Newton with Readers Choice …
  • Slava's Freedom Fitness
    Strength Training

    Slava's Freedom Fitness

    83 Clematis Avenue, Waltham

    HIIT Small Group Training

    Great class that turned out to be a one on one training session. Slava’s an excellent trainer and very nice guy. Highly recommend! Amazing deal for this level of individual training.
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    Coach Slava of Slava's Freedom Fitness will help you reach your fullest fitness potential…
  • Fit With Timora

    Fit With Timora

    411 Waverley Avenue, Watertown


    This place is wrongly advertised on ClassPass as the instructor kindly informed me that she hasn't been participating in ClassPass for a long while. There are two different locations listed on the ClassPass and I had called to understand which one was accurate - good thing I did so and learned the aforementioned fact.
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    Timora Scott is a licensed Zumba instructor who absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes…
  • Core Boot Camp
    Strength Training

    Core Boot Camp

    545 Grove Street, Newton
    CORE Boot camp - The ultimate boot camp style workout for adults. Cutting edge fat…
  • FitClub Wellesley
    Strength Training, Stretching

    FitClub Wellesley

    12a Mica Lane, Wellesley
    At FitClub Wellesley, we believe in fostering a supportive and encouraging community…
  • Btone Fitness
    Pilates, Strength Training

    Btone Fitness

    708 Main St., Waltham
    Safety guidelines


    Great class. Kelly was so welcoming and great about offering modifications. Didnt even realize you can park in the lot in the back. Wish they advertised this on their website. Will definitely be back!
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    The method is simple, be as productive, in the fastest amount of time. Btone doesn…
  • CrossFit Boston
    Strength Training

    CrossFit Boston

    221 Bear Hill Rd, Waltham

    Beginners CrossFit Class

    Teacher was excellent. Was marked as beginner’s course on classpass, but it wasn’t. Class was focused on power snatch and clean, a lift I’ve never done, and the teacher provided so much individual attention, form corrections, and modifications, that I was doing the lift with weight on thee bar by the end of the class! Super excited to know how to do this lift. Will be coming back.
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    One Nation Fitness classes are perfect for anyone looking for a high energy, low…