• Hot Yoga University
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    Hot Yoga University

    2501 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
    Safety guidelines


    Great instructor. Here’s the thing- the heat is what gasses people out, I should be getting tired from muscle fatigue not because of the temperature of the room. Turning the heat down would ensure people could focus more on quality of engagement and building their own body heat; It builds neural pathways faster. And, Crunches do not build a strong core,Take those side crunches and sit ups out.
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    Hot Yoga University is a treasure trove of practitioners, teachers, seekers of consciousness…
  • CA Yoga Barre
    Yoga, Barre, …

    CA Yoga Barre

    3533 North 70th Street, Scottsdale

    Heated Flow

    Anton was a great instructor especially for all levels even if you’re new. He asked for permission to make adjustments and if anyone was opposed to them. His adjustments were very attentive and form oriented. He’s extremely knowledgeable of anatomy which gives him such an edge as an instructor for a deeper and more rewarding sweat and stretch. I loved it. I will definitely be coming back :)
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    CA Yoga Barre was created with intention and those core intentions are simply: Kindness…
  • The Foundry Yoga
    Yoga, Pilates

    The Foundry Yoga

    1940 W. Rio Salado Pkwy, Suite 111, Mesa

    Hot Pilates

    The c-curve is integral. The first move, legs in table top and lowering the heels to the floor, people must raise their head and shoulders off of the floor to create the c-curve in the spine or their lower back *will* lift off of the floor, rendering the move useless. Crunches, including “bicycles” are useless for core work. Sit ups, same issue. Lift and lower the legs instead via a stabilized core. The core should always remain stable, the rest of the body moving around it. If the trunk is moving or twisting, it is useless. When laying on your side, you *have* to lift the oblique off of the floor. There should be a space. I did not see one person in the room with a lifted oblique, and the instructor did not seem to understand the importance here. No one was corrected. If you are a seasoned Pilates person this class will be fine because you can lead yourself. But I fear for beginners they will be using bad form and not be corrected, wasting time and creating possible issues. Cues are *everything*. Very nice instructor, Pilates is hard, maybe needs more experience with technique.
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    Welcome to The Foundry Tempe-Mesa at Dobson & Rio Salado!NOW OFFERING:Hot Flow…
  • Spirit Of Yoga
    Yoga, Meditation, …

    Spirit Of Yoga

    1420 E Southern Ave, Tempe

    Yoga 101- Foundations

    The instructors at Yoga Spirit are by far the highest caliber Yoga Instructors. In this Yoga class I felt my body move easily into poses with very precise instruction on my poses. I am so impressed! Will is a well-seasoned expert Yoga Instructor!
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    Spirit of Yoga was built out of the award-winning private college, Southwest Institute…
  • Arizona Yoga Co.
    Yoga, Meditation

    Arizona Yoga Co.

    414 South Mill Avenue, Tempe
    Safety guidelines

    Yin Yoga

    The sounds were so calming and the instructor created such a safe space for modification if you need it. I will definitely be back.
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    Arizona Yoga Co. is a donation-based yoga studio located in Tempe, Arizona. They…

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