• Be Like Water Tai Chi
    Martial Arts

    Be Like Water Tai Chi

    2450 Broadway, Santa Monica

    Introduction to Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan

    I liked that the class was outdoors, with sunlight, fresh air and a nice. slightly brisk breeze. I appreciated the small class size, and how peaceful the movements were. It was my first time, and the instructor was clear in his instructions and positive with a touch of humor.
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    Promoting health, longevity and well-being through Old Yang Style Tai Chi; empty…
  • International Shotokan Karate Federation
    Martial Arts

    International Shotokan Karate Federation

    1218 5th St, Santa Monica
    Safety guidelines

    Beginners Adult

    Lynn is a great teacher. This dojo is welcoming to newcomers
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    Santa Monica Dojo is a fully-accredited traditional martial arts dojo, teaching Shotokan…
  • Tai Chi Academy of Los Angeles
    Martial Arts

    Tai Chi Academy of Los Angeles

    1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica
    Since the early 1990’s the Los Angeles Shaolin Wugong and Taichi Academy of Los Angeles…