• LUCIE With the Six Punches
    Boxing, Strength Training, …

    LUCIE With the Six Punches

    Weena 103, Rotterdam
    Safety guidelines

    Lucie boxing

    Top les! Hartslag flink omhoog met een combinatie van HITT en boksoefeningen! Geeft waardevolle tips om je bokshouding te verbeteren (voetenwerk,bovenlichaam draaien, etc.). Tevens een super mooie sportschool met vriendeijk personeel en hippe ambiance
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    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) met de boksdiscipline in een motiverende…
  • Bodybase Studios
    Pilates, Boxing

    Bodybase Studios

    Van Vollenhovenstraat 5D, Rotterdam
    Safety guidelines

    Base Gym - Badass

    Uitdagende les. Trainer gaf duidelijke instructies alhoewel het soms moeilijk te verstaan was door de harde muziek. Verder erg schone en mooie studio.
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    BodyBase Studios, a cool, inspiring, high-end boutique location like you’ve never…
  • Bodybase Studios
    Pilates, Yoga, …

    Bodybase Studios

    Bergse Dorpstraat 58, Rotterdam

    Base Flow - Upper Bodylicious

    I had a luxurious lesson and Sandi was a very good and patient instructor. The machines are beautiful and the room is peaceful. As someone just getting back into fitness after a long break, this class was perfect.
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    ATTENTION; Bergse Dorpsstraat 46; Base Gym, Base Box & individual weight areaBergse…
  • Bodybase Studios
    Boxing, Pilates

    Bodybase Studios

    Van Vollenhovenstraat 5D, Rotterdam.
    Safety guidelines

    Kickboxing - Technique Class

    I love love CJ’s lessons!! They are always super educational, high energy and most important fun! I really miss the technique explanation in kickboks lessons and here there is a good amount of focus on it mixed with good exercise! Would recommend 10/10!!!
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    BASE BOX;Tap into your inner power. Base Box is fierce, adrenaline-packed and brings…
  • Bear Studios
    Boxing, Strength Training

    Bear Studios

    28 Dynamostraat, Rotterdam


    Intensive punch bag boxing training in a very laidback and welcoming environment
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    Bear Studios is de sport performance studio van Feijenoord en omstreken waar iedereen…
  • Oosterbaan Gym Rotterdam
    Boxing, Martial Arts, …

    Oosterbaan Gym Rotterdam

    32 Laagjesweg, Rotterdam


    Ondanks dat ik 0 ervaring heb, goed ontvangen, super leuke les met kwalitatieve begeleiding!
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    Oosterbaan Gym in Rotterdam is a family business with a passion for martial arts…
  • Sportcentrum Brothers
    Boxing, Strength Training

    Sportcentrum Brothers

    Eerste Tochtweg 13A, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
    Safety guidelines


    Modern ingericht, nette school. De les was wel heel erg druk en er was weinig persoonlijke begeleiding.
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    Passie voor vecht-en verdedigingssport waar het om draait bij Brothers. Bereik op…
  • KTEC
    Martial Arts, Boxing, …


    Schinkelsebaan 1, Rotterdam

    Katana - Sword training

    Really informative, cool class! Lots of focus on technique. The instructor is very patient and helps to improve your stance etc. After the class, he also explained a bit about the other classes he gives, such as self defense. I'll be sure to try other classes of KTEC!
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    At KTEC a variety of innovative sports is offered. They provides training in the…
  • Kickboxing Institute
    Boxing, Strength Training

    Kickboxing Institute

    3039 Vroesenpad, Rotterdam
    Bij Kickboxing Institute bieden we intensieve, uitdagende en gevarieerde kickboxing…
  • FightSmart
    Boxing, Strength Training


    Andries Copierhof 1, Rotterdam

    Boxing Bootcamp

    Great trainer, he adapted to my level very well and motivated me greatly. he did mention he is no longer continuing with Classpass which is a shame
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    Fight smart is a young and dynamic company with a fresh and commercial view on martial…

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