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    VXN Workout at Peak PAC

    I LOVED this class. I also made an appointment from their website so that my teenage daughter could join me. Even though half the people were new, the energy right from the start was great. The moves were so fun. Some easy to get and some more difficult, but everyone was encouraged just to make the moves your own and do what you can do. It was a fun dance and also a workout at the same time. My daughter really enjoyed it too. The lighting helped make it more fun and less of a workout. The playlist was fire. We gave each other high fives in between songs and the teacher gave us affirmations to say as we danced. Ebony led the class like a champ and it was her energy that everyone fed off of. Bring water. You will sweat and need it. The first half hour goes by quickly. The second half hour reminds you that you are also there for a workout. We will definitely be back.
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