• Everyday Wellness
    Spa Treatment, Massage, …

    Everyday Wellness

    3 Regency Plaza, Suite 2, Providence
    Safety guidelines

    Massage - 90-Min Deep Tissue

    Megan was fantastic. The massage experience wonderful, thoughtful, and she communicated throughout appropriately. The check in process was smooth with no issues. I had a great experience here and will be back.
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    Rejuvenate your spirit while you restore balance to your body. Everyday Wellness…
  • Thai Tranquility Bodywork

    Thai Tranquility Bodywork

    1 Richmond Square, Suite 120K, Providence

    Deep Tissue Massage - 90 Minutes

    I’ve had so many massages at some many places, but this takes the cake! First, the atmosphere is relaxing. Nin was absolutely amazing. The pressure applied was perfect - deep enough to be super effective but subtle enough to be deeply relaxing. She was super kind and sweet. I can’t say enough how amazing Nin was. 12/10 highly recommend.
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    Thai Tranquility Bodywork is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge,…
  • Le Foot Heath Studio

    Le Foot Heath Studio

    3 Central Street, Providence

    Le Deep Tissue Massage 75 Minutes

    I don’t really know what to make of the experience honestly.. the place had good reviews, and some mentioned it was more of a hole in the wall place so I didn’t have super high expectations. I think partly shame on ClassPass for not having more precautions when it comes to booking massages. I didn’t fill out any waivers or forms with my preferences. So when I show up and a man was doing my massage I was pretty uncomfortable because I would’ve liked the option to request a female. I also didn’t get to select where on my body I was comfortable being touched, so I was touched in areas that I wasn’t comfortable with (my bottom). I didn’t say anything because I was just so caught off guard, they didn’t speak great English and I knew this man didn’t have ill intentions so I decided to just deal with it. The table was just a flat board with a VERY thin sheet so I didn’t feel comfortable undressing, and the massage itself was pretty rough, probably amplified because the table was not comfortable. All in all I wouldn’t go back nor would I recommend booking a massage through class pass- but could’ve been worse.
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    Le Foot Heath Studio is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge, a program…

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