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    162 Newark Ave, Jersey City
    Safety guidelines


    This is my first time taking a class witj this instructor and she was a rockstar- brought the energy and fun, simple to follow but challenging moves. I really loved how she did slow booty moves off tjr trampoline, when some styles are to just do them super fast I feel you're just flailing about and not targeting each muscle as much lol I felt phenomenal after!
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    Jane DO is a female ruled total body workout focused on gaining strength, confidence…
  • FITMama Class
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    FITMama Class

    165 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
    Safety guidelines

    Dance Cardio + Sculpt (Outdoor)

    Awesome class! Definitely felt the burn. If you like Megan Roup/TSS you’ll love this. I’ll probably bring an extra yoga mat next time to add extra traction to the squishy mat (that they provide) bc the floor is a little slippery. Def will be back!
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    Fitmama Class is not just about physical fitness, but about overall wellness and…