• Kinship Yoga
    Yoga, Low-impact Training, …

    Kinship Yoga

    5612 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines

    Kinship Hot

    Kathleen is the most beautiful teacher! She is so nurturing and gentle, yet incredibly challenging and halfway through the class I was drenched in sweat. When class ended we were given cold towels to put over our faces~ and leaving class I don’t think I have ever felt that relaxed in my whole life. I didn’t even realize the amount of tension I was holding onto until it was subtly and gracefully released by Kathleen. Wow. 🤯
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    Kinship Yoga presents your home practice to support communities both far and near…
  • Highland Park Yoga
    Yoga, Meditation

    Highland Park Yoga

    5116 York Blvd, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines


    Great class. Only thing that would be nice to add is adjustments or teacher corrections
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    Highland Park Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes for all ability levels that range…
  • Santa Anita Hot Yoga and Holistic Health
    Yoga, Meditation, …

    Santa Anita Hot Yoga and Holistic Health

    290 Rolyn Pl, Arcadia
    Safety guidelines

    Yoga Flow- all levels: hot

    Great class! It starts off really intense and you become physically DRAINED within the first 15-20 min. Afterward, it slows down and you’re challenged to hold poses for a longer period of time. This poses a more mental and emotional challenge. Then, we close with breathing techniques for a spiritual challenge. Very well-rounded class!
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    We are a natural holistic wellness centre providing space for healing arts. Hot Yoga…
  • Crystalized Beauty by C.O.T.A Life

    Crystalized Beauty by C.O.T.A Life

    709 Fremont Avenue, South Pasadena
    Safety guidelines

    Yoga Circadian Flow

    Absolutely divine. Astrid is such a beautiful soul with so much wisdom to share! Her class was much more than just the movements, but rather teaching us how to listen, heal, and move our bodies mindfully. One of my favorite classes to date!
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    COTA Life is a Spiritual Lifestyle portal for seekers on the path to creating a connection…

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