• Pharos Athletic Club
    Gym Time, Strength Training, …

    Pharos Athletic Club

    1316 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles


    Great class! Loves the instructors personality, guidance, and music and always love the vibe at Pharos. My one critique (not of just this class but in a lot of the train classes) is the type of abdominal/core exercises that are offered. I don’t find many Sit up variations to be very functional or effective like the clam sit ups we did today. I think more integrated core work like planks, Russian twists with medicine balls, or some Pilates inspired moves are a lot better in terms of building strength, seeing results, and functionality. Integrated core work is also better for people who are pregnant or have given birth in the past year to prevent diastasis recti. Just my two cents. Still a 5 star class!
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    Pharos Athletic Club is a performance training facility built on three anchors they…
  • Fun, Fitness and Philanthropy

    Fun, Fitness and Philanthropy

    93 East Green Street, Pasadena
    FFP Running Clubs is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating free…
  • Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness

    Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness

    700 South Lake Avenue220 , Pasadena
    Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness LLC is a brand that challenges you to be better than…
  • Fitmix Studio
    Pilates, Running

    Fitmix Studio

    3104 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines

    The Mashup

    Elena one of the best teachers I’ve had she gives a appropriate lead up. We’re pushing yourself, but it doesn’t seem possible. Pilates portion is really good and takes into account that you’ve just done a bunch of cardio.
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    Fitmix Studio's combination of cardio intervals and Pilates will leave you both rejuvenated…
  • STRIDE Fitness
    Running, Strength Training

    STRIDE Fitness

    906 Granite Dr, Pasadena
    Safety guidelines

    The Quick Combo (45 Min)

    Class is always a joy with Joy! Such great sets, 45 minute workout but I feel like a new woman! She brings the heat and the joy with the most non-toxic ethos when it comes to exercising for longevity. Thank you. <3
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    Find your finish line at STRIDE premium treadmill studios that cater to clients of…
  • Barry's
    Strength Training, Running


    326 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena

    Chest, Back & Abs (50 Minutes)

    Great! My yoga instructor introduced me to Barry’s and it was a lot of fun. By the time I figured out the flow of things, class had already ended. Awesome engaging workout led by Rory.
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    Barry’s is an hour-long cardio and strength-building workout designed to help your…

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