• Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi
    Yoga, Martial Arts

    Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

    830 6th Avenue, New York

    Yoga and Qigong

    It was my first time partaking in this small and calm studio, and I felt immediately welcomed by Arthur and other participants whom I’ve never met. Body & brain is a safe space to pursue your development. I found the sequence to be dynamic, easy-going, and allowed me to move/tap/stretch parts of my body in different ways. Arthur pays close attention to the class for individual guidance/feedback. I would recommend for all!
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    Tai Chi & Yoga In New York, NY - Body and Brain: A community-centric studio. They…
  • Church Street Boxing Gym
    Martial Arts, Boxing

    Church Street Boxing Gym

    153 West 29th Street, New York

    Boxing - All Levels

    Iegor’s the real deal. Peeps are cool here. Diverse community. Legit boxers too. Great experience.
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    Church Street Boxing Gym was established in 1997. To this day, it is still the largest…
  • CompleteBody
    Martial Arts, Boxing, …


    22 West 19th Street, New York

    Boot Camp

    This workout was perfect for me. It’s close to where I live and it was just hard enough and the music was great.
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    Their 19th St Chelsea location is truly the last authentic bodybuilding gym you’ll…
  • North Sky Kung Fu
    Martial Arts

    North Sky Kung Fu

    115 West 28th Street, First Floor, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Sunday Self-Defense & Fighting

    Thank you for the fun class and very valuable skills! The instructors were very welcoming and performed a lot of cool demonstrations. They taught all skill levels simultaneously and I learned a lot as an absolute beginner. We went over basic escape maneuvers, elbows, and kicks after a thorough warm-up, and the focus of the class was to commit some essential moves to muscle memory. My favorite aspect is watching the instructors interact with each other and with the students. They have a lot of passion for their art and it inspires me to consider getting into martial arts as a hobby.
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    North Sky Kung Fu teaches traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Our focus is self-defense…
  • The Fit Faction
    Martial Arts, Strength Training

    The Fit Faction

    127 W 26th st, New York
    Safety guidelines

    H.I.I.T Faction

    This is an awesome space and Sam was great!
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    The Fit Faction is formed from four like-minded people, with different areas of focus…