• The Training Lab
    Strength Training, Stretching, …

    The Training Lab

    54 West 39th Street, 9th floor, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Strength 101

    Great class! Breaks down all the basics of lifting. Helpful for anyone who wants to work out more either at the gym or another class. Huge focus on form and very attentive instructor providing individual feedback and corrections as you go. Great for building confidence for using the weight racks and attending more intense classes
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    The Training Lab is more than a gym, it’s a community of liked minded people that…
  • Row House
    Rowing, Stretching

    Row House

    233 East 34th St, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Express Full Row

    Due to an injury, I wasn’t able to row for six months and boy was it great to be back with Alicia working her magic to make me work harder than I ever thought I had it in me once again! Rowhouse 34th St. has the best staff, facilities, instructors and good vibes you will find anywhere in the city. Try it just once if you haven’t- it’s also the most phenomenal cardio and head to toe workout so it’s a thrill to be able to do it again!
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    This is the perfect all in one workout that won't break your body down! Get cardio…