• Powerhouse Gym
    Gym Time, Strength Training, …

    Powerhouse Gym

    450 Northwest 1st Avenue, Miami


    Can you please fix the women’s sauna 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 it’s coming apart from all the using
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    Powerhouse Gym Miami provides a refined fitness experience - featuring curated equipment…
  • JETSET Pilates

    JETSET Pilates

    151 Southeast 1st Street, Miami
    Safety guidelines

    JETSET Reformer

    Helga was an amazing instructor. She verbalizes everything very well so it’s easy to understand and flow from one movement to the next and without getting lost. She also provides manual corrections as needed to ensure the best form and technique!
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    An immersive musically-inspired modern Pilates experience to encourage a more balanced…
  • Miami Pilates Company
    Pilates, Barre, …

    Miami Pilates Company

    30 Southwest 1st Street, Miami
    Safety guidelines

    Pilates - Booty & Abs

    Love the incorporation of the chair movements into the class! I wouldn’t recommend for beginners as the instructor does not provide as many hands on corrections. She does a great job providing verbal explanations and cues so previous experience on a reformer is recommended in my opinion. Great class and great vibe at night with the neon lights!
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    Miami Pilates Company offers a contemporary and empowering approach to Pilates. Our…
  • Long Lean Pilates Downtown
    Pilates, Yoga

    Long Lean Pilates Downtown

    121 Southeast 2nd Avenue, Miami
    Safety guidelines


    The music was all over the place, nothing wrong with the instructor just personally this class wasn't for me. I think I just would prefer a more pilates focused class.
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    Long Lean Pilates is a boutique fitness studio where they believe in the importance…
  • Club Pilates
    Pilates, Stretching

    Club Pilates

    117 Southwest 10th Street, Miami

    CP Suspend 1.5 (50 Mins)

    Alejandra is amazing!! My first class ever instructed by her, she gave everything I needed in a workout and more!! This is pilates 💪🏼💪🏼
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    Club Pilates provides small group and private training classes for reformer Pilates…
  • [solidcore]


    927 Brickell Avenue, Miami


    This was such a challenge and I loved how encouraging Emily was. It helped when she acknowledged that it’s ok to take breaks and adjustments because it means you’re really working those muscles, followed by pushing you to pick right back up and get good reps in after shaking it out. The reminders that we’re stronger than we think we are was so key! This was my first class so it was a little tough to focus on what the next move would be while trying to make it through the current one, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up in the future, and Emily did a great job of explaining each move as well as helping with hands on alignment. My whole body is jelly but I’ll definitely keep coming back!
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    [solidcore] is a high-intensity, low-impact full-body workout on a pilates-inspired…