• HealthEast Ways to Wellness
    Livestream yoga, Low-credit livestreams, …

    HealthEast Ways to Wellness

    1825 Woodwinds Drive, Woodbury

    Restorative Yoga Flow ~Woodwinds, Fridays at 10:15 am

    Rachel is a great instructor, the studio is really nice, and the class was just what I'd hoped for! I'll definitely be attending in the near future.
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    Embrace Your Well-Power! From cooking and nutrition to fitness and life coaching…
  • Bodyshop Fitness + Wellness
    Livestream HIIT, Low-credit livestreams, …

    Bodyshop Fitness + Wellness

    1428 Pacific Street, St. Paul


    Great workout! I liked the new heart rate monitoring system. It was very motivating/fascinating to see my heart rate and calories burned in real time during class, and then I was also emailed a detailed report to track progress. Fun and enlightening!!!
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    Bodyshop is a small group studio committed to your fitness and wellness. They encourage…
  • Northern Yoga Center
    Livestream yoga, Low-credit livestreams, …

    Northern Yoga Center

    141 4th Street East , #223, Saint Paul

    Level 1/2 Flow - Live Stream

    Adam is an awesome instructor, has technical knowledge of the body and clearly describes the movements of the flow. Which helps for newbies like me! He’s got a gentle and soothing voice as well.
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    Northern Yoga Center is here to provide you with a place to develop your yoga practice…
  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga

    8160 Coller Way, Woodbury

    C2 - CorePower Yoga 2

    Whew Anna kicked our butts. I've done several CP2 classes and this one was the hardest, but in a good way. This Monday 8 pm class definitely has regulars and was more advanced than I was ready for (and I've done yoga for a while) so my only suggestion would be for the instructor to actually do the class with us. I found myself lost several times and had to look around at others to understand the pose (which was pretty frequently). All in all I'd go back, but without the instructor guide, I'd need to look up some new poses on line to be prepared.
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    Please show up at least 10 minutes prior to class. Most CorePower Yoga studios will…
  • Energy Pilates Fitness Yoga

    Energy Pilates Fitness Yoga

    3100 Woodbury Drive, Suite 200, Woodbury

    SCULPT four [private Facebook group]

    I absolutely loved this class and the instructor Natania! She was warm, welcoming, engaging and fun! It was a great class format that kept me challenged but also helped the class fly by! I highly recommend
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    Energy Pilates Fitness has a staff of caring and creative teachers specializing in…
  • Success Fitness
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Success Fitness

    1862 Beam Ave, Saint Paul
    Success Fitness is a personals and group training gym that provides its clients with…
  • The Power House
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    The Power House

    4123 Radio Drive, Woodbury
    The mission of The Power House is to provide challenging and results-based Yoga and…
  • 5 Minute Fitness Gym
    Yoga, Martial Arts

    5 Minute Fitness Gym

    253 Front Ave, Saint Paul


    Class is no longer happening, I just wish I had been notified! On a petty note, the music was blasting punk rock and it was a bit janky.
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    5 Minute Fitness Gym provides digital instruction with expert Coaches. Designed by…

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