• Gbg Barre
    Barre, Yoga

    Gbg Barre

    Johannebergsgatan 24, Göteborg
    Safety guidelines


    The class at 5pm on Wednesday is for pregnant people but this was not stated on the app. I stayed for the workout anyways as I had already booked it
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    Gbg Barres koncept går i korthet ut på att träna enkelt, intelligent och effektivt…
  • Exhale Gym
    Gym Time

    Exhale Gym

    Kungshöjdsgatan 8, Göteborg

    Open Gym

    The gym atmosphere was great, traditional muscle building machines. Inspiring people at the gym when I was there, they all seemed to take their training and body building seriously which made me even more inspired to perform a good workout.
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    Exhale Gym är ett renodlat styrketräniningsgym med gott om fria vikter och noga utvald…