• Good Vibes Gym
    Gym Time, Strength Training

    Good Vibes Gym

    46-174 Kahuhipa Street, Kaneohe

    It’s A Vibe

    The instructor was very down to earth. The workout was challenging in a good way.
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    Everyone knows that fitness is good for you. But at Good Vibes Gym, they make it…
  • Glute University
    Strength Training, Weight Training, …

    Glute University

    560 North Nimitz Highway, Suite 117 B, Honolulu

    Booty Camp

    The instructor was attentive and it was a small class so it felt very comfortable and engaging
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    Ladies! If you’re looking for a women’s-only gym with classes that are as challenging…
  • Lift With Joy
    Strength Training

    Lift With Joy

    1213 South Beretania Street, Honolulu

    StrongHer Strength

    Killer workout. Legs were quaking. Now they’re spaghetti. Love that Joy incorporates warm-ups and cool-downs — so important & vital for our health and our bodies! It feels so good, especially if you already have quite a sore body all the time and when we’re all aging. I am not a leg day girl - I absolutely loathe them and would rather do upper body, but it was good to get my a** beat in this class. As soon as Joy did a demo for one of the exercises, I knew I was going to be dying ☠️ But at the same time, I knew I was going to like it because I like challenging myself and dying (not literally), but I guess, just suffering while exercising and getting them gains. Any kind of movement, everyday, is great for the body! Also love how she’s still the same friendly, sweet, exciting, encouraging, knowledgeable and skillful coach/trainer and that she always wants to take a photo with each class. She remembered my appearance and my name even though it was only my second time to her class and I haven’t been in a few/several weeks. She’s very personable and approachable, and I love her balanced go getter attitude, as well as her jokes. She’s very patient and speaks to everyone in a kind manner, never degrading or demeaning at all. Everyone needs a Joy as their coach/trainer — everyone needs a Joy in their life! Will be back again to continue my suffering. It’s worth it! If you need some kind of way to get your discipline and/or motivation moving again, get in her classes! You’ll feel better afterwards! 💪 Just don’t forget to stretch some more when you get back home, even after the stretching from the class! 🙏 Treat you and your body right! Treat yourself to a StrongHER class!
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    StrongHER is an all-female strength focused group class that will transform your…

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