Strength Training, Cycling, …

    REDEMPTION Fitness

    2560 Saint Rose Parkway, Henderson
    Safety guidelines


    AMAZING full body workout!! Instructor Maria was EXCELLENT! She was so helpful and and she took time in demonstrating all the exercises and corrected my form and you rarely see this at the other boutique gyms in Las Vegas! They said this a fitness nightclub and YESSS!! Lights, music, fog machine… i really felt like i was in a nightclub but working out! Everyone was so welcoming at the front desk and the vibes at this gym is so hyped!!! Super clean!!! I can’t wait to come back and try all of the classes!
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    The Henderson Studio is the second studio in the REDEMPTION family. Located at St…
  • Paradigm Yoga & Fitness Collective LLC.
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Paradigm Yoga & Fitness Collective LLC.

    1225 West Warm Springs Road, Henderson

    Rejuvenating + Restorative Yoga

    I was under the impression I was going in for a traditional yoga class and was ready to work but it was definitely a treat that this was such a relaxing class almost like a guided meditation and breathing propped up with pillows and blocks and the most comfortable positions ever. Pleasant surprise!
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    Welcome to Paradigm Collective, the moment you enter their studio space you are welcomed…
  • Vibe Yoga

    Vibe Yoga

    1450 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Henderson
    Safety guidelines

    Vibe Vinyasa

    I thoroughly enjoyed this class and think it’s perfect for my needs as an athlete. I also like the freedom of going at your own pace and adding and subtracting different poses you wish to, within the sequences that are given. My only precaution for others is that the music can get loud. I might need to wear earplugs next time I come in, but I highly recommend this class and will be coming back!
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…

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