• Elevated Sauna & Cryotherapy Studio
    Cryotherapy, Sports recovery, …

    Elevated Sauna & Cryotherapy Studio

    4500 E Sunset Rd., #4, Henderson
    Safety guidelines

    40 Minute Infrared Sauna Session

    This is the best infrared sauna studio in Henderson. Always so clean and the saunas are a perfect temperature. There is a shower right in the room and also a tv so you just have to bring you and some water and chill.
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    Elevated is your home to balance the body & mind.Infrared Sauna, Salt & Cryotherapy…
  • Hot Spot Wraps & More
    Body sculpting, Cryotherapy, …

    Hot Spot Wraps & More

    1500 W Sunset Rd Ste. 140, Henderson
    Safety guidelines

    FIT Bodywrap - 30 min

    Great experience! You basically lie on a bed in a sauna like cocoon, but your head and arms are out so you can watch movies, drink water, etc. It was super relaxing and never got overwhelmingly hot. I sweat a lot and felt great afterwards!
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    We are a full-service medspa. We offer weight loss, skin tightening, cellulite reduction…
  • Ageless Cyrotherapy & Wellness
    Sports recovery, Cryotherapy

    Ageless Cyrotherapy & Wellness

    2580 Saint Rose Parkway, Henderson
    Ageless Performance Recovery & Wellness is a company committed to helping their community…
  • Complete Health and Wellness

    Complete Health and Wellness

    2920 North Green Valley Parkway, Henderson
    Complete Health and Wellness is here to provide cutting-edge recovery modalities…

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