• SPIRE Fitness
    Cycling, Strength Training, …

    SPIRE Fitness

    102 N Water St, Milwaukee
    Safety guidelines


    Good sweaty class! This is a great studio! I found a lot of the songs backwards where we were doing a slow push when there’s a fast double beat that I felt like we should’ve been sprinting to. I would’ve loved more of a lean in to what felt natural for the beat but maybe that was just me :)
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    SPIRE Fitness is a boutique fitness studio offering INDOOR CYCLING, ROWING, and TRX…
  • Brew Fitness
    Gym Time, Strength Training, …

    Brew Fitness

    408 W Florida St, Milwaukee
    Safety guidelines

    Mobility & Stretch

    This class is best described as yoga without the meditation or strength. Basically, an hour of stretching. Best part, you are invited to bring coffee with you onto the floor during class! Leave feeling loosy goosey- and caffeinated!
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    Brew Fitness changed the face of studio fitness in Milwaukee by offering the largest…
  • Soul Collective MKE
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    Soul Collective MKE

    900 South 5th Street, Milwaukee

    Vinyasa Power Flow

    Class was challenging but also calming. Larry did a nice job with adjustment suggestions. I would suggest that future yogis make sure to bring a thicker mat since they have older hardwood floors, but other than that this was a great experience with a small class size. Will be back again!
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    A collective group of movement and creative professionals delivering a holistic lifestyle…