• Ballet Fusion
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    Ballet Fusion

    Paola’s Body Barre, 2 Fulham High St, Fulham, London SW6 3LQ, London

    Ballet Fusion - Fulham

    Teacher was nice, but the class was just not on point. Took a long time to get started and lots pauses in between. Not a proper workout in my view, more like a gentle movement class/ v slow paced. Not for me!
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    Adult ballet creates a strong, toned body, promotes excellent posture and improves…
  • Ballet 4Life

    Ballet 4Life

    14 Bath Road, Arts Ed, London

    Follow on / Improvers Ballet Drop in class

    Returning to this class after a break for the holidays was a joy! Chris paces every class thoughtfully and caters well to a larger group. The way he demonstrates and sounds out the rhythms of the choreography is very helpful, and there is a good mix of foundational barre exercises and more complex sequences with an emphasis on artistry and dynamic movement. Love this class!
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    Please check class location as it varies. The sessions listed here happen at Arts…
  • Ballet 4Life

    Ballet 4Life

    West London School of Dance, 58 Bulwer Street L, London

    Beginner Improvers Ballet

    Mark was great and encouraged students to have fun as the other students were incredibly quiet! This may have just been down to nerves and hopefully students will become more relaxed in time.
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    Ballet4Life classes are taught in proper dance studios with ballet barres, dance…
  • London Ballet Classes

    London Ballet Classes

    West London School of Dance, London
    The Village Hall is West London School of Dance's largest studio. Situated ideally…

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