Strength Training, Pilates


    155 Saint Paul Street, Denver
    Safety guidelines

    Climb - 30 Min

    If you like spin classes, erg classes or just want to take a class with one of the BEST teachers ever, take this. Samantha was one of the most incredible teachers I've had in a long long time. her passion and ability to make the class fun was truly inspiring. This was probably one of the hardest 30 minute classes you'll ever take but she made it speed by. thank you so much!
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    Studio CLMBR is a revolutionary vertical climbing and strength training gym. Each…
  • F45 Training
    Strength Training

    F45 Training

    1699 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver


    I showed up slightly past class start time and the staff were SO kind about letting me still take class. The class was a great intro to F45, I loved not having mirrors and the music was good. Challenging but doable! It truly kicked my a**!
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    F45 Training is a revolutionary fitness program that combines cutting-edge technology…
  • Commit Fitness Studio
    Strength Training, Postnatal, …

    Commit Fitness Studio

    2326 East Exposition Avenue, Denver

    Core & Power

    Olivia was great and gave me 1-on-1 guidance where I needed it! :)
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • Living Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Living Yoga

    1776 S Jackson St, Suite #810, Denver

    In-Person All Levels Yoga Mon 9:30am

    Kelly was an amazing instructor, calming presence and attentive to her students. Such a wonderful community here!
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    They welcome students of all levels, ages, sizes, shapes, abilities and backgrounds…
  • Barry's
    Strength Training, Running, …


    260 Josephine Street, Suite 100, Denver

    Abs & Ass (50 Minutes)

    I enjoyed Charlie’s class and got a great workout in! I do wish the coaches at Barry’s gave feedback on form. The girl next to me clearly didn’t know what most of the institutions meant and was very distractingly just flopping around. Some focused instruction would have helped her a lot! Otherwise, awesome!
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    Barry’s is the original high-energy, calorie-scorching, cardio and strength interval…
  • Krystallos Movement
    Low-impact Training, Strength Training, …

    Krystallos Movement

    300 Josephine St. #210, Denver

    Sculpt 45

    This was such a fun yet challenging class! It was a lot of floor work doing core and glutes with ankle weights, as well as some shoulder and arm workouts with weights. I was sweating and shaking the whole time! Kelsey is a great instructor that keeps the exercises engaging and has great technique. I loved the bounce class and this one too, but I want to try Bounce Sculpt next!
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    Krystallos Movement offers rebounding & sculpt classes that give individuals the…
  • Inward Fitness
    Martial Arts, Strength Training

    Inward Fitness

    3900 E Mexico Ave, SUITE GL-10, Denver
    Inward Fitness is an upscale fitness studio with a community culture that delivers…
  • Evolution Fitness
    Strength Training

    Evolution Fitness

    3801 East Florida Avenue Ste 330, Denver

    Wintervention: Ski and Snowboard Fitness

    Chase was engaging and gave directions that were easy to follow. I’m just getting back into working out so this class kicked my ass but in the best way possible.
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    Their Denver clinic is dedicated to providing superior physical therapy treatment…
  • Physio-Pro
    Outdoors, Strength Training


    3801 East Florida Avenue, Denver
    Safety guidelines
    Physio-Pro provides prompt comprehensive outpatient orthopedic physical therapy to…