• Foundry Fitness
    Strength Training

    Foundry Fitness

    205 Market Street, Gaithersburg

    Foundry Fitness Training

    Eric is great. Appreciate how he tells how to execute the exercise properly and the pitfalls of doing them incorrectly. He cares about our technique, wants us to be working the right muscle(s), and avoid injury.
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    Foundry Fitness is a weight training based program that combines proper body sculpting…
  • IM=X Pilates
    Pilates, Yoga, …

    IM=X Pilates

    15914 Luanne Drive, Gaithersburg
    Safety guidelines

    IM=X® Hybrid - Xercizer & Floor

    I’ve taken classes here before but I really liked this instructor! It was my first time taking her class. She is attentive and goes at a challenging pace without compromising form. Definitely recommend!
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    IM=X stands for Integrated Movement = Xercise, a system that combines traditional…
  • Fitness Edge
    Strength Training

    Fitness Edge

    220 Girard St, Gaithersburg
    Safety guidelines

    Outdoor Workouts

    Love this place even more every time I come back. The workouts are varied and fun. Such a welcoming community. Coach Tungi is the most welcoming coach I’ve ever trained with! The whole environment is so welcoming and I wish there were more of these gyms around. Truly the best experience I’ve had at a gym! Outdoor workouts are fun too!
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    Fitness Edge MD is a cutting edge group fitness venue that combines weights and cardio…
  • Gym Addict 365 Fitness
    Strength Training

    Gym Addict 365 Fitness

    16778 Oakmont Avenue, Gaithersburg
    Safety guidelines
    As a all level fitness company, Gym_Addict 365 LLC was founded in 2017. Aiming to…