• PEAK Strength & Fitness
    Strength Training

    PEAK Strength & Fitness

    3501 SW 2nd Ave., Suite N, Gainesville
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    With more than 25 years in the Gainesville area, Keith Carodine is bringing his…
  • Life Balance Fitness
    Pilates, Strength Training

    Life Balance Fitness

    2730 Northwest 39th Avenue, Gainesville

    Pop Pilates

    I missed the turn to the gym twice, as the entrance is a small driveway that you can’t turn into when going in the opposite direction. It’s very poorly lit and marked by a tiny red triangle sign. The building looks like a house that someone converted into a gym. The “parking lot” was empty, there were no lights on in the building, and the whole place is almost entirely hidden from view behind a bunch of foliage. I did not feel safe getting out of my car, so I waited in it until 7:45pm before driving home. Not sure anyone knew there was supposed to be a class tonight. Not sure I would come back even if there was one.
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    Life Balance Fitness offers personal training and group exercise yoga, Pilates, weight…