• Zone Athletic Clubs
    Strength Training, Running, …

    Zone Athletic Clubs

    2937 Council Tree Avenue, Fort Collins

    Les Mills Body Pump

    Gretchen is my favorite instructor here. She makes every class fun and upbeat. She also pushes me to challenge myself. She brought a prize for a trivia question and is always doing little thoughtful things that make the class better. Her music choices for spin are awesome!
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    At Zone Fitness, they put members first. Every Zone Fitness Club is staff with certified…
  • Grit FoCo, LLC
    Strength Training, Yoga

    Grit FoCo, LLC

    208 South College Avenue, Fort Collins
    Safety guidelines

    20 Min Climb

    This class was hard but the instructor and the other attendees were warm and welcoming. I do want to warn those who want to take this class to be careful. Within the next 24 hours my legs were basically shot and I’m quite active as I go to Pilates 4x/week.
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    Fitness studio located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. We offer three unique…
  • CorePower Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    CorePower Yoga

    2700 S. College Ave., Ft. Collins

    HY - Hot Yoga

    This is not a “core hot yoga” this is like very much in line with traditional bikram hot yoga meaning you are not doing as much moving around, fewer poses, and no chaturanga dandasana (yoga push ups) but it is quite a bit hotter than normal core classes (about 108°) plus humidity of course. If you want to sweat and burn like 300+ calories in a class that is not fast paced, this is it.
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    This studio offers Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Strength Training classes. It’s more than…

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