• Ignite Training Hub
    Strength Training, Running, 

    Ignite Training Hub

    10 Norrlandsgatan, Stockholm
    Safety guidelines


    Good class - mix of riding and weight lifting / AMRAPS. Burned over 600 kcal in an hour and I felt good!! 😊 Friendly, enthusiastic instructor. The changing rooms are spacious, with lots of hair care products and towels. Smoothies and water available for purchase. Would definitely come back.
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    (ENGLISH BELOW) VĂ€lkommen till Ignite Studio! HĂ€r trĂ€nar du högintensivt med löpning

  • Trime studio
    Strength Training, Stretching, 

    Trime studio

    44 KarlbergsvÀgen, Stockholm
    Safety guidelines

    HIT 45

    I loved everything about the class. You can’t have a bad workout if you join Matilda’s class. Her energy and motivation is captivating. Loved it!! 100% recommend especially if you’re into high intensity lower weights training.
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    Get ready for a fitness experience like no other! Trime Studio is what you don

  • FSA Workout HQ
    Martial Arts, Strength Training, 

    FSA Workout HQ

    Lokstallsgatan 7, Stockholm
    Safety guidelines


    Linda has such a great energy! Will definitely enjoy joining more of her classes. It was nice to try without the silent disco headphones and sing along. You always feel super welcome to flow and glow classes, tack!!
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    Fsa StĂ„r För Fighting Strong AthletesDet vi gjort Ă€r att skapa olika typer av grupptr

  • Fightbox
    Strength Training, Boxing, 


    Brunnsgatan 5, Stockholm


    Upplevelsen var 10 av 10; Lisa Ă€r en jĂ€tteduktig och kunnig lĂ€rare. Jag ser fram emot nĂ€sta klass! âŁïžâœšïž
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun

  • The House Salubrity
    Strength Training, Yoga

    The House Salubrity

    Skeppar Karls grÀnd 4, Stockholm
    Safety guidelines

    Strenght Class

    Otrolig pÀrla mitt i stan. Mysigt och proffsigt pÄ samma gÄng. VÀldigt personligt bemötande och bra musik. Kommer definitivt tillbaka. :)
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    If you're looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun

  • True Workout
    Strength Training, Body Scan, 

    True Workout

    KarlbergsvÀgen 44, Stockholm
    True Workout Vasastan Àr ett personligt trÀningscenter med upplevelsen i fokus. 

  • Bonobo Gym
    Strength Training, Yoga, 

    Bonobo Gym

    KvarnholmsvÀgen 77, Nacka

    Strength and Conditioning (Studio - Kvarnholmen)

    Great training. Super focus from the instructor and great atmosphere with the others who were training.
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    They are passionate about life and living, their training will inspire you to feel

  • Motivus
    Strength Training


    3 Traverssikuja, Helsinki


    The instructor managed to create a very motivating and cheering atmosphere! Great tips for the workout regardless of your level. Thank you!
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    Motivus RyhmÀliikunta 3.0 is modern group training that utilizes elements familiar

  • Universal Performance Helsinki
    Strength Training, Gym Time

    Universal Performance Helsinki

    10A Maatullinaukio, 4th Floor, Helsinki


    Tunti oli mahtava, just sopiva mun kuntotasolle. Kiva paikka, hyvÀt vÀlineet ja mukava ohjaaja. SisÀÀnpÀÀsyÀ sai vÀhÀn etsiÀ, mutta lopulta löytyi.
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    Universal Performance Helsinki is a new performance-based gym in Northern Helsinki

  • F45 Training
    Body Scan, Running, 

    F45 Training

    Tulegatan 23, Sundbyberg

    Gemini - Lower

    Fun and energy boosting training. The instructors (trainers) were super friendly and energetic. I had so much fun! Oh and the dressing room was magical; super clean, well organized and modern.
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    F45 Training is a revolutionary fitness program that combines cutting-edge technology

  • The Place
    Outdoors, Strength Training

    The Place

    12 Balders gate, Oslo
    Safety guidelines
    PWR FUN is the Training system used at the Place. It includes IRL & ONLINE TRAINING

  • Miramadi
    Stretching, Yoga, 


    StjÀrnvÀgen 1a, Lidingö
    Oavsett om dina mÄl Àr att gÄ ner i vikt, bygga muskler eller springa ett lopp s

  • Ulpustudio
    Strength Training


    SelkÀmerenkatu 4, Helsingfors
    Safety guidelines

    Strength Training

    Kiitos! Huippu treeni. Liikkeet oli ohjeistettu hyvin ja porukassa treenaaminen Ulpun ohjeistuksella motivoivaa ja pakitsevaa, kun yllÀttÀÀ itsensÀ :)
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    Ulpustudio - Coaching to develop fitness, skills and quality of life that brings

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