• Living Balance Studios
    Yoga, Stretching, …

    Living Balance Studios

    201 South McPherson Church Road Suite 108, Fayetteville

    Restorative Yoga

    Wonderful experience. The added pillows and stands helped tremendously. The vibe was perfect with the music playing gently. The instructor gave wonderful instructions and was a pleasure to listen to. The focus on breathing was a tremendous help for me.
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    Living Balance Studios is the manifestation of their belief that people of potential…
  • Fitness NC
    Gym Time

    Fitness NC

    3350 Footbridge Lane #122, Fayetteville

    Gym Time

    I didn’t know the doors locked at a certain time
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    Here at Fitness NC, they go far beyond the average commercial gym! They offer only…
  • YogaSix


    2729 Freedom Parkway Drive, Fayetteville
    Safety guidelines

    Y6 Restore

    Wonderful yoga class/session. This was my first experience with “Hot” yoga. I didn’t notice until I noticed the instructor glancing at the thermostat and I saw the temperature rise throughout the class. Or maybe that was just because of the activity, whatever the case may be I Thoroughly enjoyed myself. This is “officially” my 3rd time going to a yoga session guided by a certified instructor. This was probably the closest to “as seen on TV”. I loved the vibes, and I could feel the stretches helping/healing some areas. Definitely coming back
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    YogaSix offers 6 different class types from hot and powerful to slow and mindful…
  • Club Pilates
    Pilates, Stretching

    Club Pilates

    2713 Freedom Parkway Dr. Suite 2, Fayetteville
    Club Pilates provides small group and private training classes for reformer Pilates…