• Megalit. A Lagree Fitness Studio
    Pilates, Yoga, …

    Megalit. A Lagree Fitness Studio

    3223 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami
    Safety guidelines

    Lagree Total Body

    It’s like if lagree had a baby with an art coffee house vibes. Crazy how Sean is so chill but the workout is still so hard. I could tell that most of the clients were regulars. Music was bomb and rnb slow pace. The only thing was I didn’t know when to transition from one move to the next cause there wasn’t the countdown like other lagree studios
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    Lagree Fitness was invented by Sebastien Lagree in Southern California and he has…
  • The Art of Movement Miami
    Martial Arts

    The Art of Movement Miami

    1731 North Miami Avenue, Miami

    Muay Thai

    Brian was great. He took his time with us during our first class to teach us all the basics.
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    At its core, Art of Movement is a holistic and creative approach to the entire spectrum…