• Megalit. A Lagree Fitness Studio
    Pilates, Yoga

    Megalit. A Lagree Fitness Studio

    3223 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami
    Safety guidelines

    Lagree Total Body

    Why not leave a review for the beat in the game!!! I tell all tiktok cuties, come see Chris. He kills you with kindness, pushes you to be better and all with the best attitude. I’m a Chris and MegaLit stan!! ❤️‍🔥❤️
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    Lagree Fitness was invented by Sebastien Lagree in Southern California and he has…
  • Level One by Lagree

    Level One by Lagree

    959 West Avenue, Miami Beach
    Safety guidelines

    EVO Full Body

    Wow! This was an intensive workout. The machine is great for working out every part of your body. The people there are nice and helped me get into the right positions. It’s not easy, especially if you don’t work out often, but my whole body is shaking in all the right places lol. Thank you for the sweat!
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    Level One by Lagree is a unique fitness studio that implements one of the fastest…