• Bodhi & Ride
    Cycling, Strength Training, …

    Bodhi & Ride

    8 Goldie Pl, Melbourne
    Safety guidelines

    RIDE 45 (All levels)

    Grants my fave instructor , I love their music— I used to be a club rat but now I just go to spin in a basement so this class is about as close as it gets. They often play EBM darker tracks which I especially love. But also their words and energy just pump me up—Definitely recommend!
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  • Push! Fitness
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    Push! Fitness

    2p/833 Collins St, Docklands
    Safety guidelines


    It was my first time doing Body Pump and it was such a good workout! It really teaches your body to handle endurance as well as strength.
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    Push! Fitness Docklands is the largest and best equipped gym in the Docklands. …
  • REVL Training
    Strength Training

    REVL Training

    e2/ 350 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne
    Safety guidelines

    Perform (Total)

    The group enjoyed the session. 😊 Josh has been very helpful and encouraging!
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    The concept of fitness is inherently diverse. Knowing that there are countless ways…
  • RP Performance
    Strength Training, Stretching, …

    RP Performance

    525 Collins Street, Melbourne
    Safety guidelines

    HIIT Squad

    The HIIT classes are supposed to be short and very intense and fast paced but this one was quite slow and also had a weight sets which naturally go slower so the class is very underwhelming and doesn't spike the heart rate nor the body feels any burn. Also all the sets are timed only 30 secs which is too less before the body feels anything.
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    Get World–Class Fitness Training Right in the Heart of the Melbourne CBD. You do…
  • Maven Educational Consultants
    Strength Training

    Maven Educational Consultants

    85 Queen Street, Melbourne
    Safety guidelines
    Maven Consulting Group, founded in 2018, provides a comprehensive solution to students…