• Snap Fitness
    Gym Time

    Snap Fitness

    1212 S Michigan Ave, Chicago

    Open Gym

    Good mix of equipment. Not too busy in the evening and great if you want to get a lock n load workout in. Friendly instructor to welcome - just make sure you get there before 7p if you are a classpasser!!
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • 9Round Fitness

    9Round Fitness

    777 S State St, Chicago

    9Round Kickboxing

    Awesome workout! The instructor was very attentive and helped personally guide through all the exercises.
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    9Round is a kickboxing fitness circuit designed by a World Champion Kickboxer Shannon…
  • Dance Church

    Dance Church

    1300 S Wabash Suite 201, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    Dance Church

    There was no class
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    Dance Church is an all-levels movement class taught by professional dance artists…
  • Fly Fitness Group
    Strength Training

    Fly Fitness Group

    731 S. Plymouth Ct. , Chicago
    Deonte Morris is a full time performance trainer and former competitive athlete.…
  • TITLE Boxing Club
    Boxing, Gym Time

    TITLE Boxing Club

    1136 S Delano Ct, #E203, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    Kickboxing 45

    Chelsea was amazing! Great for beginners. Clean equipment, nice space and instruction. Note: if you have never taken a class before they will ask you to buy wraps ($15/per) and gloves ($10 rent, $35/outright purchase). I did not ask if this was optional, but useful to know!
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    TITLE Boxing Club is a fitness club that offers a combination of boxing and kickboxing…
  • 105F Chicago's Original Hot Yoga
    Yoga, Pilates

    105F Chicago's Original Hot Yoga

    47 W Polk St, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    Original 90

    Loved it!! Nicole was wonderful: explained every pose clearly, gave helpful tips and was encouraging throughout the class. This was my second time taking this type of yoga (I normally do Vinyasa in 90-95 degrees) so it was very challenging and I had to take mini breaks but I was able to follow along and I felt great after class :)
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    Welcome to 105F, a center for yoga and mindfulness where you can stretch and reach…
  • Pure Barre

    Pure Barre

    1336 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago

    Empower (45 Mins)

    Jessica was so welcoming! This was my first Purre Bar experience and she gave me a tour, explained what to expect from the class, and asked if I had any injuries to be aware of. Highly recommend for beginners that are nervous to try something new.
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    Pure Barre is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that delivers results. Their classes…
  • Fit Results
    Strength Training, Rowing, …

    Fit Results

    731 S Plymouth Ct., Chicago


    I enjoyed it! We did stretches for many parts of the body with multiple different kinds of equipments. Small class with a relaxed atmosphere, and Julie was funny, helpful, and chill. I found it a nice way to destress in the middle of the week.
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    Fit Results is a community-based gym known for its fast-growing High-Intensity Bootcamps…
  • AIR Aerial Fitness
    Aerial, Yoga, …

    AIR Aerial Fitness

    1317 S Michigan Ave, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    AIR® Foundation (All Level Aerial Fitness)

    My 2nd Aerial Foundation class. Domenica is an inspiration! Definitely more challenging than my first class but again, in a good way - I’ll be back! Music selection was fun, instructions were clear and it was nice to do challenge myself with something different.
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    AIR® is recognized as the nation's leading aerial fitness training method. Designed…
  • F45 Training
    Strength Training

    F45 Training

    1322 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago


    This class was great. I liked the idea of them splitting into two so those who would like to focus on upper stick with upper and vice versa! The music was BOMB, a mix of high beat everything (hip hop, pop, techno) it was popping! Danny was great and super helpful. Check out the class you won’t regret it.
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    F45 Training is a revolutionary fitness program that combines cutting-edge technology…