• TruFusion
    Strength Training, Yoga, …


    301 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables

    60 Min. Tru Hot Pilates (All Levels) *Instructor Testout*

    This class format is hard AF 🥵 really not pilates and they should probably change the name to hit sculpt fusion or something - it’s a low impact hiit and core strength class with a pad for an unstable surface. Anyways, this instructor was testing out but you couldn’t tell, she was awesome. Her cueing was clear and easy to understand and she moved around off the platform so you could see her when directions changed. She also found a great balance between her mic volume and the music volume, or the studio finally saw the reviews and fixed that. Anyways, great job!!
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    When you enter TruFusion, you are not just joining a gym — you are joining the TruTribe…
  • Method X Fitness
    Strength Training, Boxing

    Method X Fitness

    475 Biltmore Way, #106, Coral Gables

    Method X Strong

    Very fun and engaging class!
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    Method X Fitness combines the energy of cardio with weight training and high-intensity…