• System of Strength
    Sports recovery, Yoga, …

    System of Strength

    4721 Red Bank Rd, Cincinnati
    Safety guidelines

    EBB + FLO

    Felt like more of a beginners level yoga class. Slower flow with long holds. Not a lot of opportunities for binds or more advance poses. A lot of focus on lower body which I am sure changes each class. Staff was super friendly and welcoming. No showers which was a bummer since they offer so many early morning classes. Really cool studio!
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    Your body is a complex system. System of Strength was developed to give your body…
  • Crunch Gym
    Gym Time, Strength Training, …

    Crunch Gym

    77 Spiral Drive, Florence

    Yoga Body Sculpt

    The instructor did not face the class at any time, nor did she wear a microphone so it was almost impossible to hear the verbal instructions. The lights were off and no music was playing, which did not fit what was supposed to be a high energy class. The flow of the class was a bit rough and some of the transitions were very awkward. The order of poses did not make a ton of sense to me, sometimes the instructor alternated between left and right sides, and sometimes she would do a few poses on either side, but it wasn't consistent or intuitive to follow.
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    Crunch Gym's philosophy is that there is no such thing as too much or not enough…
  • Sage Yoga Hot
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Sage Yoga Hot

    1900 Race Street, Cincinnati
    Safety guidelines

    Sage Set

    This was my first yoga class in awhile, and my very first hot yoga class, and I loved it! It was hard, but I was able to make it through okay, and Katie did a wonderful job instructing and guiding us through the class. I will definitely come back again soon!!
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    At Sage Yoga Hot, our flows will make you sweat and empower your mind, body, and…
  • Sage Yoga + Pilates
    Pilates, Yoga, …

    Sage Yoga + Pilates

    1 Levee Way, Newport
    Safety guidelines

    Flow to Floor (slightly heated)

    This class was thorough. It felt a little rapid fire and the transitions could have used a little more guidance. Definitely had a few moments where I felt like adding transitional phrases and elements would have felt smoother. Like when you’re in upward dog or sphinx and you’re instructed to tuck your toes before being asked to go into downward dog. It seems obvious, but if ur newer, it helps guide the transition. And even if ur experienced, it takes away the need to think about the motion. It allows it to become something as natural as breathing. Being told to shift weight to a side before making a motion as well. It’s small but it impacts the flow when everyone has to look around to understand how to get into the next part. That saidddddd, I really enjoyed the progression for this class. I felt well-worked out, and my quads were shaking, which is not an easy muscle to tax, so I really liked this one. I do feel like newer students really did have to look around for examples for the first few verbal cues, but we all got there in the end, and there’s definitely a bit of community spirit built in a little bit of that struggle, so not really a bad thing imo. Keep at it :)!
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    At Sage Yoga + Pilates, they work for it, they embrace real and raw. They keep an…

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