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    FlyFit Aerial Method

    548 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles
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    FlyFit Aerial Dance Fit

    Amanda was an excellent instructor. She provided individual feedback and modifications for everyone in the class - which was particularly impressive on the day I was there because folks entered in three different waves over a 10-15 minute period and it was everyone’s first time at the studio. The playlist was fire. I loved that the class was small and that we got to do even more with the hammock than I anticipated (e.g. inversions and the mermaid). The class was a great for total body strength training with a particular emphasis on the upper body. A couple of notes for accessing the space: 1) Factor in a little extra time to have the person at the front desk of the building jot down your ID info. 2) Take the first elevator on the left down to the basement. 3) You’ll walk down a couple of hallways and take three turns to get to the studio. It’s in the middle of the back edge of the basement.
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…