• iCRYO SouthPark
    Cryotherapy, Sports recovery, …

    iCRYO SouthPark

    4425 Sharon Road, Charlotte
    Safety guidelines

    PBM (Red Light Therapy)

    Very friendly people! Not sure if the treatment actually like…did anything … but I feel nice and relaxed post red light therapy. So that’s always a win!
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    iCRYO is health and wellness center that offers cryotherapy, IV therapy, red light…
  • Fit Collective
    Strength Training, Sports recovery, …

    Fit Collective

    2128 Remount Road, Charlotte
    Safety guidelines

    Full Body Strength Training

    Was such a good workout, and the mix of different excercises made the workout go by much quicker and made it fun! I was even sore today which always makes me feel like i got a good workout.
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    Their community is built on a culture of working hard and cheering each other on…
  • Thrive Center for Personalized Healthcare and Wellness
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    Thrive Center for Personalized Healthcare and Wellness

    6401 Carnegie Boulevard Suite 2A, Charlotte

    Slow Flow

    This is a beautiful space and the class was great! I’m a beginner and Dia gave easy to follow direction and offered quiet modifications to help me with my practice. I will definitely come to another class!
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    THRIVE is Dr. Amy Fletcher and Dr. Nancy Palermo Lietz’s passion for delivering a…
  • iCRYO
    Sports recovery, Cryotherapy, …


    9856 Rea Road G, Charlotte

    Infrared Sauna

    Great staff!!
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    iCRYO is a recovery and wellness Franchise in North America. They provide services…
  • The Body Sanctuary
    Body sculpting, Sports recovery

    The Body Sanctuary

    9711 David Taylor Drive Ste 205, Charolette

    COMBO: 2 Area Lipo

    Amber was super sweet and very informative, her space was beautiful and clean I saw immediate results and I’m looking forward to going back again!
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    The Body Sanctuary is a ClassPass Wellness & Beauty partner. See their class descriptions…
  • IV Therapy Liquid Lounge
    Sports recovery

    IV Therapy Liquid Lounge

    325 E 9th Street, Charlotte
    Safety guidelines
    Their team of talented and experienced medical professionals combine advances in…
  • Oak Performance - Recovery
    Sports recovery, Sauna

    Oak Performance - Recovery

    9506 Monroe Road STE A, Charlotte
    Oak is the culmination of a passion for fitness, a need to help as many people as…
  • Body Heal Therapy
    Massage, Sports recovery

    Body Heal Therapy

    820 Tyvola Rd #203, Charlotte
    Body Heal Therapy is a holistic approach to pain relief. Since the human body moves…
  • Get Me Some Green
    Sports recovery, Body Scan, …

    Get Me Some Green

    3555-1 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Matthews
    Safety guidelines

    Green Room Wellness - Migun Massage Bed $20

    Checking in with the front desk I was told ClassPass didn’t tell them I was coming. I was welcomed back quickly though. I just went for the massage which was very relaxing until the person at the front desk was on the phone yelling…it wasn’t in anger, but telling stories to the person on the other line. He didn’t stop until my last two minutes. I exited the room to leave only to find I was locked in the building. After yelling for the man at the front desk with no response I unlocked the door to leave. He was outside walking up and said people usually stay longer. He previously told me to set a alarm so I knew when my time was up so I was very confused. This has potential, but it was not relaxing at all. Walls are so thin I could hear him blow his nose. Sorry to say that it was a waste of money.
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    They believe wellness is more than physical and does not start with a prescription…
  • Queen Moore The Phoenix
    Meditation, Sports recovery

    Queen Moore The Phoenix

    4822 Albemarle Road, Charlotte
    She believes that everyone deserves to be at peace within themselves, regardless…
  • Evolve Health and Wellness
    Sports recovery

    Evolve Health and Wellness

    2317 Randolph Road, Charlotte
    Safety guidelines
    Helping You Feel Better, Function Better & Live Better.Evolve Health and Wellness…
  • Zen Massage Charlotte
    Sports recovery

    Zen Massage Charlotte

    1021 East Boulevard, Charlotte
    Safety guidelines
  • Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy
    Sports recovery

    Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy

    7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Suite 102/103, Mint Hill
    Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge…
  • Queen City Rehab & Sports Performance
    Massage, Sports recovery, …

    Queen City Rehab & Sports Performance

    8721 Sidney Circle, Suite 500, Charlotte
    Queen City Rehab & Sports Performance is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass…
  • The Fix Athletic Recovery Center
    Sports recovery

    The Fix Athletic Recovery Center

    1315 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Suite C, Matthews
    The Fix Athletic Recovery Center is listed on ClassPass as part of ClassPass Concierge…

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