• soFly Social

    soFly Social

    2426 Webberville Rd, Austin

    Absolute Beginner Pole

    Pole dancing is challenging physically, mentally, and, if you’re me and you’re too anxious to live, emotionally. That said, I’ve been to SoFly Studio twice now and both instructors I’ve had have been super sweet, welcoming, and helpful. It’s worth trying, even if—maybe especially if—you’re nervous.
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    soFly Social is a community of passionate individuals united in the experience of…
  • Melody DanceFit

    Melody DanceFit

    502 Brushy St, Austin


    This class was everything. Melody's personality 100% makes it. Choreography isn't too hard to follow but she makes it clear that feeling confident is the point instead of getting all the moves right. Loved the club disco lights and the all around empowering vibes! Will mos def be back.
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